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Good looks

You can buy good looks to a certain extent. Money will buy cosmetic surgery, make up and clothes. You look good when you are happy though, the inner beauty seems to show and when we are depressed the inner ugliness seems to show too. Cosmetic surgery never seems to quite work, does it?


They say money doesn’t buy happiness, it’s probably true. A couple won over £160 million on the Euro-lottery this week. Did it make them happy? They want to travel and see the Great wall of China. I don’t think they are any happier but perhaps a little more secure? I’ve seen a lot of rich people and they often seem miserable to me!

Smile with tongue out


The wealthy have private insurance and private hospitals and can afford the best care. I’m sure this is why they live to a good age but the rich can die young. In  the UK it helps to have money but it certainly isn’t a guarantee of good health. Poverty can lead to poor health if you don’t get decent health care or a decent diet. Poverty is of course caused by the greed of the rich in many cases. 


There are people who go around love-bombing everyone. They go around hugging and kissing everyone they meet. Most people regard love as more valuable and think it can’t be bought. It is related to marriage and procreation, in fact it seems essential to the success of procreation.  Maybe…

Smile with tongue out


I watched a programme on television the other night about a car crash. It was caused by a woman using a mobile phone and driving with excessively tinted windows. She wasn’t the one seriously injured and taken to hospital in an air ambulance. You can be a safe driver and the innocent victim of someone else’s stupidity. It makes you think when you see a programme like that and I can’t un-see it and so maybe I’ll remember it when I’m driving, especially if I see someone driving while using a mobile phone. Incidents in our lives can make us feel nervous, unhappy or even phobic about all kinds of things. I don’t think watching that programme will do much to me but I can think of things in the past that can’t be undone now but the memory of them undermines my confidence in the future sometimes. We can’t buy peace of mind,  sometimes we just have to wait for the memory to fade or try to rationalise what happened.


We can feel better with a little spare cash and you don’t have to win the lottery to keep healthy and reasonably happy. If you’re lonely, you’ll be lonely with or without money. You can ‘buy’ pretend friends if you have money and have people adore you and worship at your feet if you’re a celebrity. You also have to put up with the envy and hate – I’ll risk it!

Smile with tongue out

I would like enough money that I could help others more and give to charity. I don’t need foreign holidays or luxury cars. I do have a lottery ticket for tonight’s draw (it’s Saturday) but it wouldn’t change me very much. I might buy a cottage in the countryside, if I don’t win then I might rent a cottage in the country; not a big difference. I’m writing  a bucket list; things to do before I kick it, I can’t think of anything, except a holiday. If you look at the photograph, who could find somewhere more relaxing than that? I can walk around there all afternoon capturing the tranquillity with my camera; looking for wild flowers and exploring different places to take my photographs. I like looking at the birds, the geese, ducks and swans. The people seem relaxed too, some fishing, some just enjoying the sunshine and some like me enjoying the view. It’s free, you can’t buy that feeling of contentment and relaxation. If you want to try to buy it – I am open to offers!

Smile with tongue out

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8 responses

  1. In most cases, money doesn’t buy intangibles and emotions, despite advertising companies spending billions of dollars to convince us otherwise. In my experience the intangibles in life are the most valuable and sometimes most elusive regardless of wealth or position.

    Happiness, contentment, health, love, and yes, even attractiveness are qualities we choose to cultivate in our lives through our attitudes and actions. We are often taught that these qualities come from without when they actually come from within.

    A regular practice of love, gratitude, compassion and respect for ourselves and others will create a better life and I wish this better life for all individuals.

    These are the topics I write about in my blog, and I have found writing about them strengthens their presence in my life.


    17, July 2011 at 3:38 pm

  2. Hi Chrysta,

    Thanks for visiting, I think many people agree with you. It’s only 4pm in England and this post seems very popular; it is Sunday though! Pageviews will be 2 or 3X normal today and they are reading more blogs today; over 30 different ones so far!

    This blog doesn’t tell anyone anything new, but maybe it reminds us all of what is important.

    17, July 2011 at 4:02 pm

  3. Money didn’t buy the bee coming in to land on one of my broccoli plants. He hung about for a minute then lost interest in all that green, and seemed happy enough to be moving on.

    18, July 2011 at 2:51 pm

  4. I always find bees attracted to colour. The red of the flowers, not the green of the leaves. hey can be attracted to your shirt! Money won’t buy some food when you have to grow it yourself!

    18, July 2011 at 2:59 pm

  5. Great topic. I can go on and on about what money cannot buy. I have extended families that have huge amount of money in their bank accounts and I have seen how much they pride themselves on that …show off to the friends and society. But overtime, I realized I have happier. I don’t have money; in fact, I don’t even have a job but I am happy because whatever little I have, I appreciate it. I know the value of it. I have seen a lot of rich people just call themselves “rich” but when they die, they are going empty. They can’t take money with them. Money cannot buy respect or family. You just have to earn it. I am going to earn respect and family…hopefully enough money to feed myself and them!!!!


    19, July 2011 at 5:49 am

  6. Hi Neha,

    That is so true, we are judged on the way we behave not the amount of money we have. People respect us if we behave with integrity. I think the flowers in the picture may be orchids, I must go back and study them more! Wild orchids can be very rare in England.

    19, July 2011 at 8:27 am

  7. Mike, you sound like a man who appreciates what he has and it shows in the beauty of your artistry.

    You’re right about money not buying happiness. But your photographs certainly spread joy. Thanks for sharing them with us!

    23, July 2011 at 4:13 am

  8. Hi Carolyn,

    Thanks for the visit. I want to go back and look at those flowers, I think they could be orchids! I have got a little too thrifty and frugal. I still wanted to use my oven more frugally and I cooked chicken for salad at the same time as cooking dinner last night!

    23, July 2011 at 8:32 am

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