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A Sunday ramble on a Monday…

apples 016

Egg ‘n’ Chips

I like egg ‘n’ chips and that was my frugal  Friday dinner. It cost about 60p ($1) and so you can’t get much more frugal than that. I’m writing this and cooking Sunday lunch at the same time. Sunday lunch will be pork, potatoes, cabbage, green beans and gravy. I don’t usually make gravy but pork is expensive so I might as well do this right. I’m even having fruit for desert. That will be three out of my five portions of fruit and veg a day! The pork smells delicious as it cooks!

Sunday Afternoon

I usually take photographs for my blogs and Neodigital Art blogs on a Sunday, but the weather isn’t great today. It rained overnight and there are black clouds now, hence the early lunch; it could improve later and I don’t want to waste an afternoon!  I also plan to go to a cash machine (ATM) to get cash and look around a supermarket where they have fruit and vegetables cheap. The quality for the fruit and vegetables is supposed to be good too and the peaches are half price; peachy!

I had this sudden craving for a Newcastle Brown while eating lunch; a beer would have washed it down nicely. I enjoyed that; what’s for dinner?

Smile with tongue out

A lot of people read my blogs through the weekend; today my thrifty blog is popular and Money | Things it won’t buy is popular. I published that one at nine o’clock this morning, it was on automatic publish! I know… was about my lottery win, someone has read that! Have you noticed whatever you say, someone will add something to it; usually something you already know and you always say; I know

Smile with tongue out



Those apples are on the tree at the bottom of my garden. There are branches overhanging my neighbours garden, they are laden with apples; they never get pruned! There are people who are interested in what’s in my garden, not to mention what I just had for lunch!

Have I mentioned I cleaned my car? I polished it too, but was tired after cleaning it so only polished the one side; it looks great from the drivers side though!

I’ll park it, polished side facing the supermarket later!

Smile with tongue out


I’m listening to a Requiem by Mozart, this is the music to aid digestion on a Sunday afternoon. It’s early yet though, still time to get some good weather, but all I see so far is black clouds. I wonder if pop music on a Sunday afternoon causes indigestion? It could…

Smile with tongue out

Kids and the lake…

If you are a regular reader you will have seen pictures of the lake where I take a lot of photographs. Running along side that is the river and around the corner is the college of technology (high school). They have spent a fortune putting in humps, and all kinds of traffic calming there to stop the kids getting run over. I wonder if the roads are any more dangerous than the deep water of the lake? I see loads of kids playing at the side of the canals too; some of them very young. We don’t get many drown but then we don’t get many run over either. They are going to put a fence at the side of the lake to stop people parking their cars on the grass; strange, I’ve never seen a car parked on the grass. It must be a spend money to save money scheme; put a fence there before anyone parks on the grass, put in road humps before anyone gets run over – it makes sense…

Smile with tongue out

I’ve just got a pound coin in case I need to unlock a trolley at this supermarket. It’s stopped raining. I think photography is doubtful today, but I’ll do a little shopping. There are more blogs as usual on the home page.






4 responses

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  3. I can manage without the Newky Brown but Mozart and egg and chips sounds like a pretty decent combination.

    26, September 2013 at 2:32 pm

    • Hi Simon,

      This post is over 2 years old. I sorted the font out since then, much more readable now. The apples were better in 2011 too! I’m not drinking at the moment, but I prefer a Banks’ beer now, they’re cheap at 99p in the supermarket! I haven’t listened to Mozart for a while. I’ve been going through a 1920’s phase…

      26, September 2013 at 5:17 pm

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