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Thrifty Thursday 4


Lidl is a budget supermarket in the UK. I decided to pay a visit on Sunday. They have food and non-food items.

I bought a pack (4) of re-chargeable AA and AAA batteries for £2.79 each and that seemed reasonable. I thought the 500ml bottle of Marston’s Pedigree was reasonable at £1.39; they were 3 for £5 at another shop. I wanted the half price peaches but they weren’t ripe; I bought the speciality peaches at 4 for £1.99; they weren’t cheap and over-ripe. The pack of bacon was good at £1.19. I think my bunch of bananas was good too at 57p (68p/Kg). The iceberg lettuces I have seen for £1 elsewhere and so at 69p I saved on that too! The fresh chicken drumsticks seem a bargain at £2.25 (1 Kg). They are small though and so the amount of chicken to the amount of skin and bone isn’t as good as the bigger ones at rival supermarkets but they still work out cheaper. The drumsticks are ideal for barbecues, if it ever stops raining!


Parking at Lidl was quite good once I had found the entrance; much better than Asda, which has a nightmare of a car park! Morrison’s car park near where I live is reasonable once you get used to finding your way around the maze.


Morrison’s is a bigger store but they use mirrors to give the appearance of having more stock; they probably have less than Asda and virtually no non-food items like Asda and Lidl. I bought frozen salmon in Morrison’s, it was a good price and tastes good too! My 6 bottles of Lucozade (500ml) for £2.00 wasn’t unusual but still a good buy compared to £1.20 for one at the hospital. They didn’t have much chicken, so I ended up with chicken legs! I did get bean sprouts for 50P though!


Asda is where I normally get most things despite the awful car park! I got Fairy liquid in Morrison’s but it’s on offer in Asda now for £1.00 (740 ml). I’ll stock up! The chicken drumsticks are £3.87 (1Kg) compared to £2.25 at Lidl unless you have Halal which are £2.87 (1Kg) but they are always out of stock at my local Asda. They are probably cheap at Lidl when they’re out of stock too! I checked to see which tasted better, fresh chicken or frozen and they were the same. The frozen chicken thighs at Asda are £2.60/Kg  and taste fine. The Asda turkey thigh joint is nice and advertised at £4.56/Kg but they are always out of stock. They were out of stock at Lidl too and I don’t think Morrison’s do them. Roll on Christmas! I thought the vegetables at Lidl were cheaper but white cabbage at Lidl was 89p/kg and it’s 89p/kg at Asda too. Asda have 2 packs of runner beans for £2.00 saving 60p and many of the offers are like that. 3 packs of chicken breasts for £10 (or £4.00 each) is typical of the pricing and so it’s pays to bulk buy. You can freeze meat and fish but vegetables are a little more difficult and you can end up eating the same vegetables for every meal. The fruit and vegetables are essential for health and people need to get their 5 a day; so they are a little expensive. You can get fruit that is reasonable, watch out for loose bananas  and apples this week; the grapes were reasonable at Lidl too.


It’s not worth shopping around, it takes time and you use petrol; but it is worth visiting a different supermarket occasionally and stocking up on some things. Overall, I find Asda the best; but not for parking! They also do stationary, towels and clothing. There isn’t much difference between fresh chicken and frozen, eggs from caged hens or free range but there is a big difference in the price. I just checked the price of frozen oven chips, McCain are £1.46/Kg for the big ‘family’ size bag (£1.87/Kg for 907g bag) and the Asda ones are 83.3p/kg and the McCain are better but not enough to justify the higher price. The Smart-price ones at 54.7p/Kg, I haven’t tried but they say fry or oven chips and so probably not so good. I suspect the crinkles on the McCain crinkle cut chips are deeper and they cook better! I must do a crinkle test! It is probably cheaper and better to use potatoes and fry your own, but a little messy and expensive re-decorating your kitchen!

Smile with tongue out

Remember, don’t go shopping for food when you’re hungry and check for things at the bottom and top of the shelf; things they want you to buy are put at eye level. Prices in Lidl are positioned up high; I didn’t like that, but I suppose you get used to it. You will find larger non-food items advertised for Lidl tend to be out of stock when you actually go there. You may be able to order them for collection; you can at Asda. I haven’t mentioned supermarkets that aren’t close to my home, I’m too thrifty to buy petrol!

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