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I agree with David Cameron!

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I agree!

I agree with David Cameron! Is that flying pigs I see?

Smile with tongue out

David Cameron

Mr Cameron said: “Over the past few years, this country has had some real knocks and people’s confidence in our country has been shaken to the core. I’m talking about the expenses scandal, the financial crisis, this whole disgraceful and sorry episode of phone hacking.

“There’s a sense that the rich and the powerful – politicians, bankers, the press and the police – have been serving themselves, not each other. Add to all that the way the world is changing, with the rise of new powers like China and India, and I think there’s a general feeling that maybe our best days as a country are behind us.

“I passionately believe that is not the case. So if you ask me what I want Britain to look like and feel like at the end of my time as Prime Minister, I want us to be a country – and a people – which has our confidence back. Institutions that are beyond reproach, that serve the public not the other way round.”

What now?

So what are you going to do now, Mr Cameron? Write to OFWAT, OFGEM, OFTEL and the rest of the regulators and tell them to pull their fingers out or get sacked? We are sick of 20% jumps in our fuel bills, rising petrol prices, connection charges on 0845 numbers, premium rate numbers, the police on silly phone numbers, water charges going up, rents going up, food going up, council tax going up; in fact everything going up, except wages and interest rates on our savings. What about bloody interest rates! The government needs money? We will lend you a few quid, offer us a decent interest rate on our savings and stop cheating savers! We want a rate that is above inflation as measured by RPI; 8% would be nice… Inflation plus 2 or 3% would be acceptable. You could also stop city bonuses that are obscene like the multimillion pound bonus that Bob Diamond (CEO, Barclays) gave himself.

The Prime Minister mentioned the rise of new powers like India and China. I talked to Faye this morning, the student I featured in Chinese Ambitions… a few weeks ago; she is on holiday from university and learning to drive. It’s over 100F there and very hot, she is complaining of getting a sun tan! She is also looking forward to coming to Britain to study despite the economy, cuts and corruption. Britain is cool; literally. When we had industry we could have found some things to sell to China, they have a problem with the heat. I can’t think of a British air conditioning manufacturer and we aren’t too skilled at making mosquito killing machines; but we would have rose to the challenge at one time. Maybe our best days as a country are behind us?

People keep suggesting that the Prime Minister hires me as his advisor. I’m really too busy with this blog, taking photographs and cooking. I could write a lot of ideas down for him though and he could buy the copyrights, using tax payers money of course. He could get some money to help the Chinese students I know study in Britain too, it’s going to be a bit expensive.

I’m not that worried about money for myself, the best things in life are free… I wrote that blog yesterday, there is also reality or delusion? from yesterday too, although I published that by mistake on Saturday; whoops! My most popular blog this week was Money | Investing in Food? the money ones are always popular, I have no idea why…

Smile with tongue out

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2 responses

  1. Okay, now I don’t want you to advise David Cameron because I’m very selfish. I don’t want to lose your blog. But what if you met with him once a week? Kind of like the speech therapist in The King’s Speech? You wouldn’t have to quit your day job.

    I have to agree with you about the problems with the UK. I was in a bit of culture shock moving there and discovering all of the expenses such as 0845, charges to call mobile phones from landlines, etc. I knew about the petrol prices, but it’s still a shock. Basics like bread, milk and eggs are very expensive too. But, as you say, the best things in life are free!

    Thanks for the internal links in your blog. They are very helpful as I try to catch up with all of your brilliant blogs. Can’t wait for NeoDigital art tomorrow! 🙂

    27, July 2011 at 4:09 am

  2. I would prefer to write stuff for David Cameron, I never did like London very much. They spend obscene amounts of money on some things. I saw some new traffic lights have cost millions and taken 2 years to install. There was a picture in the local newspaper and some blurb about it speeding up traffic. There was a tailback of traffic in the picture! I’ve been asked about being a wedding photographer! lol There seems to be a sudden demand. My brother used to do that, but he’s on holiday in Italy. The art blog will be published automatically in 30 minutes… 🙂

    27, July 2011 at 8:31 am

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