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Last ramble of July…

Butterfly 008


This is my last ramble of July and I’ve started with my photograph of a butterfly! I took this yesterday and it seems to be camouflaged! There is a macro mode on my camera and that’s the mode for close up photos like this one. The rocker switch on the back is simply clicked to the left and a icon like a flower displays. I did have to alter the photo a little after I put it on my computer with Windows Live Photo gallery (it’s free).

Sunday lunch

Yes, I’m writing while lunch is cooking again! Chicken, chips, cauliflower, broccoli and carrots this week. My neighbours lunch smells nice, he’s cooking onions! His parents live well past ninety years old and they always ate onions, it makes you think doesn’t it. Forget the Mediterranean diet, I’ll write a book; live long and prosper on onions! I’m doing lunch early because it is a nice day and I want to take photographs this afternoon. I think I’m going to shoot some video clips too near the lake I often go to. People will be fishing there and wandering around just trying to relax this afternoon. I have been listening to music trying to decide on background music for  a video of clips and stills. Mozart seems to be favourite, maybe Romance or Grand Partita?

Relax it’s Sunday

I think in England on a sunny Summer afternoon you should be able to relax. If I wasn’t driving later I would open a bottle of Old Specked Hen to go with my Sunday Lunch! I fancy a beer now!

People see my photographs on Facebook and they want to come here to England and see for themselves! By the way, I enjoyed lunch! I have made a lot of friends on the internet and you would be surprised if I wrote about them all! I have writers, artists, royalty, aristocrats, farmers (playing Farmville!), businessmen, chess champions, computer geeks, students and people who speak exotic languages. I don’t know anyone in Antarctica so if you live there please comment and add me on Facebook. I know someone who lives on all the other continents. I get invited to places too! I admit most of the invitations come from women but some of them are young and attractive so I’m not complaining. So far I have been invited to go to the United States a few times, Hawaii to stay in a beach hut; she was very attractive. I’ve also been invited to go to Italy and last but not least China. I’m not fussy, I’m happy going a couple of miles and walking around a lake on a Sunday afternoon taking photos and video clips. An Hawaiian beach house and a beautiful young lady in a grass skirt may appeal to some people but I expect it gets a bit hot there. It’s hot in China over 100F, that’s too hot for me. Faye, the Chinese  student I featured in Chinese Ambitions is learning to drive, she said she has gone ‘black’ with the sun! The other student has gone travelling through China during her holiday. They hope to study here soon, the university is about 6 miles from here; that’s nothing if you’re Chinese. They travel thousands of miles by train. I mentioned Paris; so close!

Smile with tongue out


I use TweetDeck as a Twitter client now and I just had a look see if anyone was Tweeting anything interesting. I have 58 followers now! I haven’t really figured out Twitter yet, apart from posting links to my blogs and the odd photograph. I have editorial teams following me; perhaps they read my blogs? I ought to tweet some more interesting stuff. I need some funny lines.

When Earth gets invaded by Martians what colour will the little green men be?

What do you think? I could tweet rubbish like that! I put silly comments like that on Facebook and people click ‘like’. You can check out my Facebook profile and even add me if you’re a regular reader; do send a message though. You can of course follow me on Twitter and get regular tweets when I post a new blog; which is every day usually. My local hospital has an Annual General Meeting next week and I’m usually invited. I could go and ask about Wi-Fi for my laptop; I was bored stupid last time I was in there. I don’t intend to go in a again in a hurry though. The last time was 2008 and I had surgery in the city in 2009 but that was a different hospital. I shall write a blog about my hospital appointment in August, they are always interesting. I need Wi-Fi so I can keep on blogging, it’s better to think ahead. They are doing all kinds of stuff with people who are senile now to keep their brains active. I have thought about voluntary hospital visiting, creative writing is very therapeutic for some people. I could take my camera, that would be interesting; I saw a few sights last time I was in there!

Smile with tongue out

I hope you have found todays ramble interesting and will take a look at a few other blogs. Money |DIY was interesting and vaguely about DIY and saving the pennies. Then there was my usual Thrifty Thursday and Frugal Friday. My Neodigital Art blog was popular as always and people may have been surprised to hear that I agree with David Cameron! That was my best day ever for  page views and the bar chart showing them had to keep re-scaling itself! No one was reading my Frugal Friday blog on Friday but they are today and so that’s alright! The kids are off school and so I’m getting more daytime readers!


3 responses

  1. Hi Mike, your lunch sounded wonderful. I’m a big fan of onions, particularly carmelized onions. You cook them slowly for a long time. Yummy! Good to know they may help me live longer too.

    I think you should go visit Hawaii. It isn’t so hot there. And imagine the pictures you could take!

    Thanks for sharing your Sunday with us!

    6, August 2011 at 3:55 pm

  2. I don’t eat onions very much now because they stimulate my pancreas too much; but I used to like them cooked whole. I used to cook a stew many years ago and count them so everyone got one each! I wrote this blog while my pork was cooking and then went out for the afternoon. I had a good day that day… 🙂

    6, August 2011 at 5:34 pm

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