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Video Blog 1


Yes, my first video blog! No I’m not standing there boring you. I made this yesterday and uploaded it to Facebook. It’s clips, stills and most importantly it has relaxing music to go with the relaxing pictures. Play this when you need to relax!

That gives you some idea of where we went on Sunday. We started near my home in Wednesbury, went on to the Manor House in West Bromwich and then on to Sandwell Valley. Sandwell Valley is a nature reserve and there is a little farm. You can see the lake and the River Tame at Sandwell Valley and of course I took a few photos of the farm and the cows! I really like the photograph of the cows, it looks really funny. Then I took a wrong turning after West Bromwich and ended up in Dudley and so we photographed some ruins; known as the Priory. Next stop was Bilston where I got that graffiti shot and the Victorian looking shots too. The buildings with clocks are the town hall and the nearby church. I also took some shots of two churches on the way into Bilston. I have used at least one of those pictures, the red door, I used twice by mistake!

Smile with tongue out

I hope you enjoyed the video and music. The music is serenade ‘Grand Partita’ – 3rd movement by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. There are more pictures on my Money | Photography and a whole host of blogs to choose from on the Home Page. The video won’t play in some countries like China because it’s on Facebook; sorry… 

2 responses

  1. Hi Mike, You’re right, beautiful and relaxing! Next time you do a wonderful vlog like this one, consider uploading it to YouTube. You should be able to embed it and then it can play on mobile devices such as the iPad. It still won’t play in China though.

    This is the perfect Sunday treat. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    6, August 2011 at 4:12 pm

  2. I can upload to WordPress and when I self host I will probably do that. I was disappointed that it didn’t embed, the definition isn’t good enough for full screen, but I’m glad you liked it. I like the music, I keep listening trying to figure out what instruments are playing!

    6, August 2011 at 5:18 pm

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