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Neodigital Art | Update 17

VIDEO 1 028

Manor House

My first picture today is the Manor House at West Bromwich. The light wasn’t very good, but I used a lot of Sunday’s pictures and the video clips to make the video I used in yesterdays blog. I was disappointed with the video, it displays full screen and it loses resolution; it’s better displayed smaller. I did embed it and the preview was good but then WordPress changed it to a link.

Farm House

VIDEO 1 051

I took this picture at a farm and  so I assume it’s a farmhouse. I changed the picture a little, just increasing contrast and making it ‘warmer’.

Farm shop

VIDEO 1 052

This is the farm shop taken at the same farm which is a kind of tourist attraction. It shows that buildings with unusual features can make really good subjects.

VIDEO 1 059

This was taken from just inside the farm shop and it makes for an interesting picture. I think this blends well with my black background too.

You might like to check out other recent blogs, most of them have interesting picture and you can find them on the home page. The video is there too but it’s a link to Facebook and plays full screen. There is an option at the end to ‘go to video’ and that takes you to the video on Facebook which is smaller and has better definition.


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9 responses

  1. JanF

    Gosh Mike, that Manor House in West Brom is fabulous. I don’t remember seeing it at all when I lived in the Midlands. Who would believe such a beautiful place existed there! I love how you seek out these sites.

    3, August 2011 at 11:15 pm

    • Hi Jan,

      The Manor House is outside of West Brom town centre and not many people know where it is. Sandwell Valley is hidden away on the border to Birmingham too and so we often get to take photographs in peace. Sandwell Valley did have quite a lot of visitors last week though.

      4, August 2011 at 9:00 am

  2. Michelle

    Your pictures are wonderful. I really enjoy old world archetecture.

    4, August 2011 at 1:39 am

    • Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for visiting. I did all buildings this week because although lakes and landscapes are nice they don’t have quite so many features. I do like my picture of cows though, they look so funny!

      4, August 2011 at 8:57 am

  3. Michelle


    4, August 2011 at 1:40 am

  4. Hi Mike, I had a very busy week and I was keeping up with your blog via my iPad. It won’t let me comment and the background of your blog is white so I had a very different experience seeing your blogs than most.

    The pictures are amazing! I love how you capture the spirit of each place you visit. But I have a question. The sky is white in all of them. I’m thinking it was a cloudy day, but sometimes you can see the clouds in your pictures. With these pictures, the sky just looks white. As I mentioned about, I saw these with a white background on your blog because of my iPad so it looked much different.

    It was funny too because the picture from the inside looking out looked very different on a white background. It looks great with both a white and black background. That’s my favorite picture today.

    Thanks for sharing your artistry with us!

    6, August 2011 at 4:01 pm

  5. I like that picture looking out of the farm shop. I intend to do more like that. I did one looking through the entrance to a church and this is similar. The white sky was because of cloud. The weather is really changeable and the light wasn’t very good that day. I went to the lake yesterday and the light was great, blue sky and the water was blue with white clouds reflected. The sun went behind a black cloud and it went dark! I shot some stills and video again yesterday and I needed a greater variety but didn’t have any buildings. I look at the sky so much now to see what the light will be like, I’m starting to forecast the weather! 🙂

    6, August 2011 at 5:30 pm

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