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Thrifty Thursday 6

Chicken, chips and veggies

Colourful food

I’ve used my photograph of colourful chicken and chips again to remind you to buy colourful food when shopping this week. Broccoli and carrots are loaded with vitamins and you should also look out for colourful fruits too. At Asda (UK equivalent of Wal-Mart) this week the bananas and apples seem a bargain, choose the Smart price ones. I compared fresh vegetables with frozen and the frozen looked cheaper until I checked the fresh smart price ones and they were cheaper still. The potatoes were all different prices but the Smart Price British potatoes at just over 38p a kilogram were the cheapest. Check prices by the kilogram as a guide. According to their website Asda has around 30 different types of potato and over 200 products related to potatoes! I have to admit those chips in the photograph were oven chips and done with Asda’s own crinkle cut oven chips.

List and Budget

It is a good idea to make a list before you go shopping and try to stick to it. Most people are on a budget and a list can help you stick to the budget and save pounds. I was talking about cooking and someone raved about how much they enjoy their steak and chips! I checked the cost of cooking steak, chips and veggies for two people and it was around £7.00 using decent quality steak. This compared to £2.00 using fresh chicken drumsticks, oven chips and a selection of frozen veggies. That is quite a difference. The average family of two adults and two children, according to a recent survey, spends around £60.00 a week on food. That wouldn’t go far if you eat steak and chips! The chicken and chips I did for the picture above was frozen chicken and I used a chicken thigh and the whole meal cost about 60p! You can cook 100 meals like that for £60! A family of four needs 84 meals and snacks in a week and so if they are spending £60.00 they need to be thrifty and frugal! I usually have egg and chips once a week and that is even more frugal! It only costs about 40p and lets me enjoy more expensive food at other times. If you are going to cook something more expensive for the family then that would be a good excuse for a family dinner or Sunday lunch where you all sit around a table for a proper meal. I also like canned fruit for dessert and that is a thrifty thing to buy at the supermarket.


George is the fashion label at Asda and the clothes are reasonably priced and they have good special offers. If you are really fashion conscious or self conscious maybe they won’t ‘suit’ you; but I look for bargains! I can have a Polo shirt for £10 and a sweater for the same price. The Boston Crew t-shirt on offer is  a thrifty bargain at £3.00 but salmon pink doesn’t suit everyone. At £3.00 it suits me! They have some cotton lounge trousers for £10 that look like they might be good nightwear for winter. I’m not so keen on the jeans but the Easyfit ones are only £5.00 and I have had those before. I think for everyday wear they are great; but maybe sometimes, you need jeans that are cut better. The leather belt for £4.00 in accessories I definitely want. The sizing guide isn’t very good for that; it would be better if it told me the length. The Perfect Fit T- shirts are 2 for £3.00 and a bargain if you are sized XXXL! They might be OK as a nightshirt! If I add a pair of loafers for £25, I have spent £76; I’ll have four T-shirts at that price! £76 for shoes, shirt, four T-shirts, sweater, trousers for nightwear and a pair of jeans; that’s not too bad! If you see me out and about in blue jeans and pink T – shirt do say hello!  I think I might actually go to the store for these rather than buy online. I think I have had the jeans before and the shirts and T-shirts are good but would like to see the shoes before I buy. This might work out more expensive if I actually go to the shop! I do tend to buy in bulk and would look at home ware and things like towels while I’m there. The larger Asda is a ten minute drive from here and so worth the trip.


I have a Farmfoods leaflet with coupons so if I spend £25 I get 10% off. The frozen chicken isn’t on this week and most of the stuff is processed. The frozen veggies are more expensive than Asda, Lidl, Morrison’s and Iceland. They are £1.00 but the mixed vegetables are 1 Kg and others are 750g or less. I would perhaps look at the pork and bacon but they seem to be promoting processed food this week. I avoid processed food, it’s filled out with fat, sugar and fibre.

You might like some of the other blogs I have posted this week. Neodigital Art |  Update 17 has some nice pictures. Unfortunately, i used two of the same pictures that I used for Money |Photography but that is still a frugal blog to read! You can also find many more to choose from on the Home Page

This week; shop thrifty then cook frugal and colourful!

Smile with tongue out

3 responses

  1. I loved shopping for clothes at my local Sainsbury’s when I lived in England. They had crew neck tops in beautiful colors for £3 for short sleeves and £3.50 for long sleeves. Their jeans for £10 were fabulous and fit me perfectly. I hated to admit where I bought my clothes, but then I met plenty of friends who shopped there for clothes too. When I come back to visit, I want to go back there to replenish my supply.

    Thanks for all the great frugal tips!

    6, August 2011 at 4:05 pm

  2. I still haven’t bought those clothes! I might go to the big Asda tomorrow or leave out the shoes and shop online! I don’t have a Sainsbury near me. There was a small one but I think it closed.

    6, August 2011 at 5:24 pm

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