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A Sunday ramble

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Sunday Lunch

I wrote a blog while I was cooking Sunday lunch last week and I’m doing it again! The picture is of my kitchen; it seemed appropriate. People want to know what my kitchen looks like too, they are just nosey!

Smile with tongue out

Chicken again

People think I eat too much chicken and tell me to eat steak, but I like chicken! I have also seen the price of steak! I had pork last week but that varies in quality, I’m safe with chicken it’s always good. I’m cooking potatoes and veggies and making gravy again. I’m adding mixed herbs to my gravy, thyme, marjoram, sage, parsley, oregano and basil and the water the veggies were cooked in, will add to the flavour. I think white cabbage gives gravy a nice flavour as it does when you’re making soup. It will be quite an inexpensive lunch, the chicken was a little more expensive because it was fresh, but the meal will still cost less than a pound.

Sunday afternoon

We usually go out and take photographs on a Sunday afternoon, it’s frugal afternoon out. You can see some of the photographs I took last week in my Neodigital Art blog, we went to a dairy farm last week. The weather is dull again and it keep raining a little. I’m still going out, it can rain persistently for all I care. I need the fresh air and to relax, even if it’s only driving while the roads are quiet. The weather was great for photography on Friday when the roads were busy; that’s sod’s law!

Smile with tongue out


It was sort of traditional when I was a child to cook a proper lunch on a Sunday. I often cooked it! The smell of cabbage cooking reminds me of those times sitting around a table as a family having Sunday lunch. I wonder if people still do that? It is good for children if you sit around the table for Sunday lunch and communicate. It gives the kids an opportunity to ask stupid questions; a very necessary part of growing up. My blog Automate your life! was interesting, kids tend to go through life on automatic and it’s good for them to think and ask questions sometimes.

Is my lunch done yet?

Smile with tongue out

Adding herbs to my gravy was a good idea, but I’ll make less of it next time; I like it a bit thicker than that! You can find more to read on my home page.




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