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Putins Army

Putin’s army

Yes, Vladimir Putin, the Russian Prime Minister has a new sexy army, as you will see from the video:

It’s called “Putin’s Army”and the  video is of a blonde student called Diana who struts along Moscow’s streets in high heels and a black suit before scrawling “I will tear my clothes off for Putin” on a white top in red lipstick and starting to undo her clothes. I expect David Cameron would like an army like this one!

Smile with tongue out

I tried to join, I wanted to find out more and keep abreast of things; but they wanted not just an email address but my phone number. I don’t know about trusting an army of hot young students with my number. I wonder where they get the Macbooks and Iphones from? Does Putina supply those? Do I really want to get mixed up with an army that worships a guy who used to run the K.G.B.?

Smile with tongue out

I’ve suffered enough, I had to watch that video a few times to get it to work right…

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2 responses

  1. Lol, Mike. From what I heard on a podcast, Vladimir Putin’s campaign is sponsoring a contest for women to strip naked for an iPad. I don’t know what the criteria is for judging, but the winner who posts the best video will win the device.

    You’re right, it’s hard to imagine Barack Obama or David Cameron using that campaign tactic!

    Way to go embedding a video on your blog!

    9, August 2011 at 2:12 pm

  2. I haven’t seen that podcast. I really need to do more research. I’ll pay attention to Russia from now on. What with the real army eating dog food and this one stripping for an IPad; it’s less boring than what goes on here. We just have riots…

    9, August 2011 at 2:23 pm

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