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Sunday ramble | August



One good thing about taking photographs  is if you’re having an off day, you can look at the photographs and remember when you were having a good day! I took this picture down by a lake and I might just go back there today, it’s relaxing walking around taking photographs and looking for good shots. I like to get the flowers or trees or something in the foreground to give the photograph some depth. These flowers are a little too small for that and I am curious to know what they are.

Sunday’s are special

Sunday’s are special, well they used to be. When I was a child we would have a fried breakfast. A proper greasy English breakfast with bacon, sausages, fried tomato… I’m making myself hungry and I’ve only just had lunch. I used to really like fried bread with tomato ketchup on! We would sit around the table for Sunday lunch too and it would be roast chicken or something with proper veggies and gravy. Afternoon tea would see the glassware come out and sometimes it would be something fancy like trifle. I remember opening a tin of salmon, that was considered quite special; we only did that on Sunday’s unless someone died and there was a funeral! I think children are missing out now, I have no idea what they do on Sunday, but I’m sure watching television isn’t healthy. Watching East Enders on the BBC is very unhealthy; the kids could start to imagine people are really like that!

Smile with tongue out

Some things don’t change for the better do they? I don’t remember riots when I was a kid. I remember going to a clinic from school because I had warts on my hands. I would go every week and have them painted until they disappeared. We had exotic diseases in those days like measles and chickenpox. There was a polio epidemic and we queued for the polio vaccination and later for the lump of sugar version. We had real things to worry about in those days…

Sad smile

It’s not a great day for taking photographs today but it’s Sunday. The stupid people will be watching East Enders or dragging the kids around Tesco and so the roads will be quiet. We used to go to the park on a sunny Sunday afternoon when I was a kid. That isn’t good enough for most people these days; they have to go overseas where it’s guaranteed sunshine. I can at least enjoy a drive, that’s a rare treat these days. I have a few aches and pains today but I’ll soon forget those once I’m on the road and who knows what I’ll see to photograph!

Smile with tongue out

I just had a look to see which blogs people are reading today. The thrifty and frugal ones are as popular as ever and predictably people are reading – How to make your first million. I knew you would like that! My latest Neodigital Art blog has it’s fans too as does the Putin’s Army blog! Do look around and see if there is anything that interests you, links to all the latest ones are on the Home Page.



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