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A Sunday Ramble

Hateley Heath 012

I took this photograph just before the rain came and so the light wasn’t very good. There was a heath and the pool, which I have looked for before, but it was hidden behind houses. I shall have to go back when it’s a brighter day. It’s interesting how much wildlife there was; the pool attracts pigeons, ducks and even swans.

It’s Sunday again and so I’m planning to cook lunch and then an afternoon out taking photographs. It’s amazing what we manage to  photograph as we look for the unusual. I was pleased with last week’s pictures of woodland and lot’s of other people were too. It’s inexpensive now with a digital camera and a very popular interest. There are lots of places to go, I’ve taken photographs of woodland in nature reserves, churches, pubs, museums, art galleries, canals, lakes and even a Victorian workhouse.

I do use my photographs in my blogs, of course. This week I have blogged about a few subjects and the blogs are getting more popular. I can’t please all the people all the time, some people are envious or just miserable buggers!

A lot of readers search for something obscure like exploding head syndrome and they find my blogs! This is how search engine optimisation (SEO) works! I also use some good tags for my blog and even tag photographs sometimes.

This kind of photography is relaxing and I also get some exercise, which the doctors advise is good for me. Obesity is a international problem now and so this is a interest that should catch on; it’s cheaper than going to a gym! I don’t need to lose weight, there’s more fat on a McDonalds French fry!

Smile with tongue out

I hope you found today’s blog interesting and you’ll look around and read a few of the others.

The most popular blogs are about money, the thrifty and frugal blogs, but Farmville is popular too. The Neodigital Art blogs get more popular all the time too. You can see an excerpt of all the blogs and links to them on the Home Page.


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