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Cameron’s Broken Britain…

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David Cameron pledged his government would “turn around the lives of the 120,000 most troubled families” by the next election as he said his broken society analysis is “back at the top of my political agenda.

I’m not satisfied that we’re doing all we can. I want us to look at toughening up the conditions for those who are out of work and receiving benefits … and speeding up our efforts to get all those who can work back to work.”

Typical Tory, get tough on the poorest in society. I have seen people who are mentally ill refused benefits that they are entitled to. Is that fair? Is it right that the medical examinations should be done by a foreign company?

I remember when the area of England that I live in made things and before that Handsworth in Birmingham had no riots and was a prosperous area. The factories have gone and Handsworth is a ghetto. David Cameron mentioned “reward without effort,” yes there is a lot of that; we call them a jobsworth and they are pervasive in national and local government. We have to have them, we have to create jobs where jobs don’t exist. I remember when I used to have my hospital appointment card marked with my next appointment. Now I get a letter, then a letter cancelling my appointment and then a letter with a new appointment and then a phone call to remind me. I bet they paid out millions to consultants to get such a stupid system. Look at the medical record system going on computer, that’s a long running foul up! There isn’t a government system that is run efficiently.

I watched television in bed last night, usually I’m bored sheetless by it; but it was slightly better for an hour last night.  We pay a licence fee for that garbage and ITV also put garbage on like the X factor. What happened to ‘Only Fools and Horses’ and great comedy;  I know,  the head of comedy is a woman and she wants ‘famous’ writers! The licence fee should be scrapped and the salaries at the BBC capped at £50,000 a year!

Smile with tongue out


I think envy is a problem in British society, everyone is envious of everyone else; even those less fortunate. People who work imagine the unemployed watch daytime TV all day and envy them. People envy others with nicer houses, cars, mobile phones, holidays, you name it and they want it…

The British actually like to put each other down or better still kick one another while they are down! David Cameron wants to stop the benefits of people convicted of rioting and kick them out of their homes. That will help, turn them into real criminals. Those people have already adopted a foreign gang culture and hate the ‘feds’; their term for the police. Whenever, I see anyone in charge of anything these days they have a foreign name, it’s never Smith or Jones; always something exotic. My name is Anglicised French; I would probably be better off with a French name; it’s more exotic innit…

Smile with tongue out

Most British people are decent and honest but Britain has been dumbed down with poor education, crap television, a general lack of opportunity for the majority, social exclusion, the sun newspaper, dodgy politicians, Dale Winton, East Enders, speed humps and cameras, consultants, human resources, mobile phones, bankers, out-sourcing; it’s hard to think of anything that isn’t messed up…

Smile with tongue out

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2 responses

  1. Dave

    Well said Mike. Lurked for a bit but I regularly vote on your postings. Best wishes Dave.

    24, August 2011 at 12:03 pm

  2. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for visiting, your first comment has to be approved but you are approved now! I don’t think my blogs will make a lot of difference but we have to try.

    24, August 2011 at 1:05 pm

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