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Neodigital Art | Update 20

Where the fairies live

Walsall 020

If you read last week’s Neodigital Art blog, you will remember these pictures that I took in woodland near Walsall (England) last week. They are really magical because of the green algae on the water. Incidentally, if you use Windows Live writer and Live photo gallery, you can alter the picture to make the trees ‘warmer’ with photo gallery. Then I import the photo into Live writer and I click on the corner of the picture to make it bigger and line up with the text that I have applied full justification to.

More fairies…

Walsall 022

This is another woodland picture and I was just about to cross one of the bridges over the water when I took this. The light wasn’t very good, but the pictures are still unusual. We want to return and see what the photographs will be like with good light. You can see the light shining through the trees but it was a cloudy day.

Framing the photograph

Walsall 002

This church is too big to photograph all of it and so I photographed the most interesting part and photographed through the porch, making it more interesting and I used the porch as a kind of frame. My friend took a similar photograph but in his the whole picture is more symmetrical with the doorway in the centre of the picture. Symmetry works for some pictures, but I like the unusual.

Looking for depth

Walsall 011

In this picture, the path goes away and looks narrower but I also have a little of the tree at the top of the photograph. The modern buildings at the bottom of the hill are out of focus and so don’t spoil a very traditional looking scene. Those are traffic lights at the bottom too.

I am hoping to start a new blog on web space I buy and a new domain name. I need this one to get a few more readers first and so share with your friends and tweet, so it will be worth me spending money on web space and a domain name! It is hard to make a blog successful because there are millions of bloggers just on WordPress. Not many of them are British or cover the same subjects as me  but it’s still hard to publicise my blog and let people know what I’m doing. I have my usual thrifty and frugal blogs this week and Cameron’s Broken Britain… was a interesting blog. You can find links to many more on the Home Page.

9 responses

  1. Wow.

    I love the fairy pictures, they really take me to another world. The second one, where you said there wasn’t much light, seemed to have incredible light to me. In fact, when I saw it, that was one of the things I noticed first. The light further on in the trees is lighter, as if when you followed the path you would discover the glowing fairies. It would be fascinating to see the same shot taken on a bright and sunny day to see the difference. I’m thinking your light is perfect right now with my imagination, but you always work wonders.

    The church picture is amazing too. I never, not in a million years, would have thought of taking that picture. Yet it is marvelous, inviting and artistic. I would have backed up along a busy street, trying to avoid people on the pavement, until I got a bad shot of the entire church. I will now try to remember to focus on the most interesting part of a building. There is no hope for me thinking of taking it off center. But I love you did that!

    The path downhill is beautiful too. Again, I never would have thought to take that picture. Your vision is amazing.

    24, August 2011 at 3:23 pm

  2. As for publicising your blog, I will certainly tweet about it and spread the word. If you ever get an iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad), the photography app Shnap would be a great place to share your photos with others. They have a strong community there (they even like some of my photos so imagine how they would feel about yours!) and they are having a photography contest there now.

    I wish Shnap was available as a website, but it’s just an app now (though it is a free app).

    Perhaps you could share your photos on websites such as Flickr too? Or post pictures and tips on

    Your blog is amazing and has so much to offer that it’s hard to capture in 140 characters.

    Okay, off to Tweet, Stumble, etc. for your blog. 🙂

    24, August 2011 at 3:31 pm

    • Thanks Caroline,

      I do share my photos on Facebook; there are close to 600 on there and you can see a big improvement this year on last year. They are public and so you can take a look. I looked at smart phones and a tablet running Android; I’ll get one eventually!

      24, August 2011 at 6:12 pm

  3. Hi Carolyn,

    We didn’t take any photographs this Sunday and the light was really bad on Friday. My friend asked to go out today but the light is bad and it’s raining again! We had better pictures in winter. I do like going back to the same place and taking the same shot again. Sometimes too much light can spoil a shot, these pictures turned out good; but others of the church were too dark. When the light is bad, it’s better to take photographs of a scene that is quite close, like the church; the trees were close too. Things in the distance are more murky in bad light.

    24, August 2011 at 3:33 pm

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