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Thrifty Thursday 9

Chicken and chips


My picture is of chicken, chips and veggies. I like my food to look nice as well as taste nice and so I added peas, broccoli, carrots and sweet corn. The colourful food is good for kids too. The average family of four was found to spend £60 a week on food; that’s just 75p a meal. This meal cost less than 75p and I have started doing frugal food blogs of ideas for inexpensive meals.

My frozen mixed vegetables from Asda went up 30p to £1.30 and so it’s worth me shopping around. I won’t make a special journey for 1Kg of mixed vegetables, but I have Asda, Morrison’s, Farmfoods, Iceland and Lidl within 1/2 mile and an independent supermarket. It is worth looking at independents and markets, especially for vegetables. The independent supermarket has 25 Kg bags of potatoes for £5; a good bargain, but too many for me! I bought Asda oven chips for £1.50 a Kg, obviously more expensive than cooking chips from potatoes. You can chip potatoes and cover them in sunflower oil and cook them in the oven. I get through 1Kg of oven chips in a week and probably 1Kg of potatoes. If I was feeding a family I would buy a 25Kg of potatoes every couple of weeks and skip the oven chips. Potatoes actually work out cheaper than bread too.

Try to eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day

The government encourages people to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day, this isn’t easy! I am trying to eat my five a day. I do have two apple trees that are loaded with apples which helps. There is a lot of evidence about how good fibre and antioxidants are for us; we need them to stay healthy. Where I live a small portion of chips in a fish and chip shop is 90p and the average family needs to make a meal on 75p. I avoid processed food, it’s mostly packed out with sugar, fibre and fat; it is a major cause of obesity. If you’re trying to lose weight, drink plenty of water too. You can copy the manufacturers of processed food by processing your own. Make soup with lots of vegetables and fibre. Use cheaper protein, such as vegetable protein in beans and peas. Chicken and turkey are an excellent source of protein and reasonably inexpensive. You can also add to the flavour of meals by using herbs, spices and onions.


My car has an automatic choke and so uses more petrol when it’s cold. It also tends to get a flat battery in winter because I don’t use it enough. When it’s charging the battery it uses more petrol too and so I try to keep it charged. It could cost as much as 2p a mile more when the battery is charging and the choke is on. I have ordered a solar panel to put on the parcel shelf and plug into the cigar lighter, it will be more convenient than going out in the cold in winter to put my battery on charge. I’ll review the solar panel in a future blog. I’ve also ordered electric fly killers so I’ll try to review those too; flies are driving me nuts this summer!

Saving energy

I don’t think I can do more to save energy. The loft is well insulated, the walls are insulated and all the external and internal doors are draught proofed. I am trying to use my oven better and I put extra food in to cook in the evening and have cold chicken or something for lunch the next day; every little helps and it saves me cooking lunch!

Smile with tongue out

Last week’s frugal and thrifty blogs were interesting and you might like my frugal food blog. There are excerpts of other blogs and links to them all on my Home Page. Thanks for reading…

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