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Thrifty Thursday 10

Money - Seeing the future


I’ve give a link to Tesco Direct before I forget, on the page there are money off codes for when you shop online with Tesco Direct. You can save £5 when you spend £50 or £10 when you spend £75; good savings but I might shop there more if they just lowered prices… I wish I had seen those codes before I bought my TV from Tesco, I would have got Mutual Points, Tesco Club card points, a money off code and a Tesco voucher! Mutual Points are OK, I saved 15,000 can cashed them in for £100.00

Smile with tongue out


I went to a local shop to check out microwaves and they had a Sanyo, all stainless steel for £99.99. I decided to go check out more places and we went to Curry’s, it wasn’t far away. Curry’s has stainless steel microwaves but painted inside; so I didn’t buy. I’ve now seen the Sanyo stainless steel microwave at Best Buy online for £79.99; same microwave £20 cheaper – check it out here. If you have that microwave, comment and tell me what it’s like; I’m not keen on that weird knob at the bottom.

From Curry’s I decided on Lidl, it was less than 500 metres away. It was raining when we arrived and I had no pound coin to get a trolley. There are no baskets and the one checkout had a queue and was awkward to get to. I decided to grab what I could carry and hope to get my friend to carry some too! It didn’t work out that way and I ended up with two packs of chicken drumsticks at £2.25 and a pack of bacon at £1.19. I’ll make sure I have bags and pound coins next time! I missed out on the vegetables and fruit. I wanted bananas! There was a microwave but it was very thin stainless steel and not on display so I couldn’t get a good look at it. I’ve enjoyed chicken drumsticks, cooked in the oven, wrapped in bacon since and so it was worth popping in there! The fresh chicken drumsticks in Asda are 2 packs for £7.00 and so I saved £2.50 on those popping in Lidl.


I checked my petrol consumption after we went out taking photographs a few weeks ago and we did 30 miles on 4 litres of petrol; so about 7.5 miles to a litre. The local council says average speeds around here are 15 mph; typically you scrawl along at 10 miles per hour and sit bored stupid every few hundred yards at traffic lights. I nearly go to sleep when  the lights are on red for that long. I checked the petrol consumption again and it’s 7.5 miles to a litre on Sunday, but down to 5 miles to a litre on a weekday when there is more traffic. It’s a big difference and expensive when petrol is over £1.30 a litre. The traffic lights change to red for people to cross the road and then stay on red long after they have crossed. We need remote controls in our cars to change them to green!

Smile with tongue out

I have lot of apples on my apple trees, we picked about 10 Kg yesterday and there are lots left. The problem is we can’t reach them and they bruise when they drop off. If you’re planning to plant apple trees in your garden, plant the dwarf varieties; they are easier to prune and you can reach the apples. The dwarf ones are great and crop really heavy, if properly pruned. They save you lots of money in summer too, if you like to get you 5 fruit and veg a day; it helps to like apples too!

Smile with tongue out

There are more links to blogs on my Home page, including how to make your first million, the second blog in a series. My Neodigital Art blog is good too, I did black and white and sepia photographs this week. 



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