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Frugal Friday | Small Print


Comet and Snapfish

When I received a email from Comet this morning saying I could get 99 photo prints for 99p; it sounded good. I clicked the link and it went to Snapfish, it appears I’m already registered and I logged in; no 99p deal, it disappeared. I assume that is bait for people they deem new customers and hence people not yet suckered. I thought take a look around, I had just entered the ‘Enchanted’ photograph above in a photographic contest and so looked at getting it printed on canvas.

It cost £29.99 and that was for a canvas 12 inches square; not very big and a awkward size. I cropped the sides off my lovely picture to make it square and uploaded it. I clicked checkout and noticed as I did, small print about post and packing. I clicked back. That messed it up. I messed around until I got back to the order page and clicked post and packing; £6.99! That is nearly £37, for a picture 12 inches square – not a hope in hell of getting me to pay that. That’s like the free Vista print stuff and they have you on the carriage at the checkout! I wasn’t born yesterday!

Smile with tongue out

I checked out a Farmfoods leaflet and the frozen broccoli is £1 for 750 grams on the front and £1 for 1Kg inside so you may have to go take a look and see how much it is really! 4 pork  steaks for £2.00 are reasonable but I’m not too sure how big they are. In a survey it said that the average family of 4 spend £60 a week on food and so would have to do meals for an average cost of 75p a meal. Those pork steaks would fit the bill with potatoes and frozen veggies. They also have chicken thighs, 2 packs for £5; that’s 3Kg. They would certainly fit the 75p meal bill. That is about 30p for a reasonably sized piece of chicken and so you could do a meal for 50p. I often have a large chicken thigh, oven chips and a selection of frozen veggies; it’s a good meal and I can have fruit for dessert! That chicken is actually cheaper than the fresh chicken drumsticks I had from Lidl; they worked out to £2.25 a Kg. The cheapest meal I’ve cooked this week was egg and chips, that was way below 50p. It allows me to spend a lot more on a good Sunday lunch. I do admit to spending extra on crisps to eat in bed while I watch the film!


Grow you own

Imagine a wooden box that you can unscrew the sides off, not too hard to make if you’re good at DIY. It must be treated to stop it rotting. You put some gravel in the bottom for drainage, a layer of compost (grow bag), 4 inches thick and place a few seed potatoes in it. Then another layer of compost and place it somewhere warmish and keep watering it. If you do this now your potatoes should come up in a month; in a greenhouse or conservatory. You can earth them up to get more roots and hence more potatoes very easily. This is a great idea for a conservatory because you don’t have far to go to water them. Then at Christmas, unscrew the side off the box at the bottom and help yourself to new potatoes! Put the side back on and the potatoes will keep on growing! It’s worth thinking about, but don’t think too long; Christmas is just around the corner.

Smile with tongue out


Thinking of Christmas, this is the time to look out for bargains. I am watching out for bargain booze; obviously. They had Teacher’s whisky at the checkout in Lidl, but I didn’t have a trolley and couldn’t carry it. I didn’t have a pound for the trolley, I used them for parking at the hospital. It’s pound coins everywhere I go just lately. £2 to park at the hospital for an hour! I only just got back in time to avoid a parking fine or whatever you get. The doctor was running late… Anyway, watch out for Christmas presents, if you have any bloody money left after paying for parking…  Poundland isn’t bad for stocking fillers. I had a torch with 2 LEDs – press the handle and it lights up and I think it charges the battery too. Did you know that young people in China gift wrap apples as presents at Christmas? We used to get tangerines when  I was a kid. I often buy warm clothes in summer and they can make good Christmas presents. I got a third off a sweater in Peacocks. George at Asda have some bargains, It’s worth checking the ‘last chance to buy’ section. The sizes I want are often gone but I have picked up some bargains. I just saw some shoes, but I need some for when I go out taking photographs that have a good grip on the sole; I keep slipping when I’m close to water! I shall end up in a lake, river or canal if I don’t get some different shoes. I want more T Shirts, but the money saving trick is, to buy T shirts in winter and winter sweaters in summer!

Smile with tongue out

You might like yesterday’s Thrifty Thursday that was published on Wednesday by mistake… There are lots more blogs on my Home Page. Finally, a freebie! Double click on the picture at the top of the page so it opens on a page of it’s own, right click and save image as; then set it as your desk top background. Don’t say I never give you anything!

Smile with tongue out



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