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A Sunday Ramble


Hidden places

The path in the photograph is on a housing estate in between some houses. I went exploring! It leads to a heath and a pool that has ducks and swans. It’s a nice place for a walk.

It does attract the stupid people trying to walk their dogs and not controlling them very well. I was told it also attracts  morons on motorbikes too, thankfully I missed those. People don’t see the beauty around them and when they do; they don’t appreciate it.

Discount dating

I read a suggestion that men should date women they see in the queue at a discount store. It sounds like good advice because if you’re going to date someone, it should be a woman who is thrifty and frugal. I thought about this and there are only two discount stores Poundland and Lidl and so I took my young friend to Lidl. The area is a bit rough and so are the women but it could be worse. He checked out the queue at the checkout while I checked out the chicken in the cool cabinet. I said look at the meat on those thighs; he said “I know…”, I decided not to say anything about the breasts… Incidentally, I noticed a few young ladies smoking cigarettes outside and so they may not be as frugal as we first thought. It’s hard to smoke a cigarette in pouring rain too…

Smile with tongue out


Women are better off looking for ‘Mr Right’ in Harrods, he is hardly likely to be in Lidl! You are are more likely to find a rich guy spending a small fortune on a tie in there and if you help him pick one, you stand a chance of a ride home in his posh car. I talked to a young lady this week who thinks it’s better to date rich than poor; well money problems do put a strain on relationships.  An alternative to Harrods would be Royal Ascot or the Motor Show. At the Motor Show an enterprising young lady would lurk near the expensive cars and watch out for someone putting a deposit on a Ferrari.

Smile with tongue out

Sunday Lunch

If you’re a regular reader you will know tend to write blogs and cook Sunday lunch at the same time. This week is no exception! I bought a new microwave at last and I’m thawing chicken in it for lunch. I usually cook a proper lunch with gravy but today it will be chicken, chips and a selection of veggies. I’m thinking of going shopping later, but can’t decide where. Lidl is cheap but Morrison’s is easier to get to and I can get cornflakes and soya milk in Morrison’s. I want lamb to make cottage pies too. I might buy lettuce and salad to make a meal this evening; a prawn salad would be nice. People are interested in what I eat, my younger brothers posted what they were having for dinner on Facebook last night.

The specialist microwave cleaner I got half price is good. It contains potassium hydroxide and it did a really good job of removing stains from my kitchen floor near the cooker. I shall watch  out for that and buy another spray, it will come in very handy. I might even use it to clean the microwave!

Smile with tongue out

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5 responses

  1. Hi Mike, that’s interesting where to meet women. Maybe you could meet a rich woman at Harrod’s?

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your microwave. Your food blogs always make me hungry. Yum!

    I like the picture. The path is interesting and that’s the type of picture I would never think to take, but you make it so inviting.

    Thanks for another great blog post!

    6, September 2011 at 10:46 pm

  2. I had good light that day and the posts make that picture. I think the shadows help a little too. I have to cook something good and do some photos for a food blog. I have microwavable rice, maybe I’ll do stir fry again! 🙂

    6, September 2011 at 11:12 pm

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