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Thrifty Thursday 11

Money - Seeing the future


I mentioned last week that I was buying a microwave. I ended up with the stainless steel one from Comet, but it’s not stainless inside. I paid £49.99 in the end for that, so not a great disaster if it doesn’t last.


I went shopping in Morrison’s this week after my previous outing got me chicken drumsticks for £2.25 a Kg at Lidl. The chicken portions, thigh and drumstick together are cheaper than the thighs and drumsticks separately. I’m not sure why but I bought some anyway. The selection wasn’t very good and the lamb I wanted to make cottage pies was too expensive. You can also make nice cottage pies with turkey and I didn’t see any of that. I did get nectarines, 5 for 50p which was good. The potatoes were a good price for Maris Piper, too. Morrison’s is more convenient for me, parking is easy and no queue at the checkout. The prices tend to be reasonable. I forget how much the iceberg lettuce was but that was reasonable too, as was the runner beans, 360grams for £1.00. We need to get our 5 fruit and veggies a day but that can add to our food bill. I found a selection of fruit and veg at good prices and I tend to eat fresh and frozen; I also have apples from my two trees! Watch for Morrison’s own brands, they seem to be good quality, I had the own brand cornflakes.


Matalan is next to Comet and so I popped in there, the clothes are a little too trendy for my tastes but I did buy three T Shirts for £4 each. I would have had shoes but they didn’t appear to have my size.

Asda and Tesco

My neighbour got me a few things from Asda and they have Smartprice which is worth looking at. I have 15 eggs for £1.25, from caged hens, but conditions for caged hens have been improved in the UK so they have a more natural environment. I would prefer that  hens were kept in nesting boxes in barns, but I’m not the farmer. I saw spicy chicken wings on the Tesco website for £17.00 a kg, which is a little expensive. I also saw chicken drumsticks on one website for £13 a Kg, they are organic and the welfare of the chickens is important, but £13.00? In Tesco check out the Tesco value items. They also have packs of meat and fish, 4 for £12.00 which are worth looking at.


This week petrol is £130.9 at my local Morrison’s and at Asda which is 2p cheaper than Total; but you don’t have to queue at Total! I am told that the petrol from the supermarkets isn’t as good as from Total, I seem to get more performance and probably more miles to the litre. I can’t use Asda, unless I am going there anyway, it’s too far away and Morrison’s always has a queue. I think I’ll fill up when it’s the turn of the Total service station to cut prices!

Smile with tongue out


I also went in Curry’s this week, my friend bought a smart phone, I didn’t buy anything, but the prices were competitive. If you need electrical items it’s worth looking in there. I found the Prestige microwave was £69.99 in Curry’s and only £49.99 in Comet, so everything isn’t competitive.

I hope this week’s blog has helped and you will find some bargains this week. There is lots of stationery at Poundland if the kids are going back to school. There are more blogs on my Home Page.


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