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One small step for man…

The Path of Life

2011 09 08_0026

When I looked down this path I was already tired, I had walked a long way. I wondered what that was at the end where the path curved upwards, it looked like a bridge. The general idea was to take photographs and so I had my camera, but would I need anything else?

I had a stick that I use for walking in the back of the car, perhaps I would need it? As we go through life, we don’t know what we will need in the future. We often need knowledge and so we have to learn before we set off on life’s path. I needed to learn where that bridge went! The car was a few yards away and so I went back and looked at the map! The motorway was the other side of those trees and the bridge went over the motorway, then there was a pond and the remains of a priory. I would be better off walking to the buildings I could see in the other direction. That was what I did and my friend checked out that bridge!

It’s worth looking at what you will need as you prepare to go down life’s path. We can often take a college course to learn things that will be useful. We often need money on the journey and so I tend to be careful with the cash. I try to take one step at a time and take it slow, I went a little too fast the day I took this photograph; that was why I was too tired to walk to that bridge. We often rush in life and expect instant results; it takes time to do anything worthwhile.

Setting goals

Setting goals, small steps towards an ultimate goal is helpful. You have to decide where you want to go or you could end up anywhere; on a bridge looking at the motorway, in my case. You have a idea of what lies ahead but you can’t be sure. You might need a little luck to find a path that is just right for you. There’s a lottery draw in the UK tonight, I might buy a ticket. No one ever wins unless they buy a ticket; just the one, I don’t like to waste too much money. I might need it farther down the path…

Smile with tongue out

I’ve entered a photography contest, the winner gets an expensive camera and their photographs exhibited. One of my goals is to have my photographs exhibited; I need a little luck in the contest. If I don’t win there will probably be other opportunities and I can always organise my own exhibition!  I’ve made one small step towards my ultimate goal and when I thought I wasn’t eligible for the contest; I checked with the organiser. When my entries didn’t get through the email server; I sent them again! Sometimes you have to be persistent as well as lucky!

Smile with tongue out

What goals do you have and what direction do you need to go in? I have more blogs on my home page, you might like to check those out before you embark on your journey…



2 responses

  1. My short term goals are to get my novels ready to be read by someone other than me but the long term goal is to have enough confidence in my writing to allow them to be published.

    Beautiful photo Mike!

    14, September 2011 at 7:04 pm

  2. Hi Billie Jo,

    I think blogging gives you confidence. getting a novel published isn’t easy. Penguin had a ‘window of opportunity’ last year and I sent them a synopsis; I didn’t even get a reply! I am told that editors want ‘famous’ people and so I started blogging. I’m becoming ‘famous’, one small step at a time… 🙂

    14, September 2011 at 8:07 pm

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