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Thrifty Thursday 12

Money - Seeing the future

I have done some research this week into how people spend their money. I found that many aristocrats are quite thrifty! I have looked at two groups in particular; the people who are very thrifty and the people who are not thrifty at all. I’m going to compare the thriftiest with the wasters!

I found the main difference was spending on what I regard as luxuries. The wasters spend a lot more on mobile phones, while the thriftiest are more likely to be on pay as you go, rather than a contract. The wasters spend more on food and eating out in particular. They  also tend to eat less healthy, eat more processed food, more red meat and less fruit and vegetables. Wasters also tend to be overweight! The thriftiest people try to eat their 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day and often try to grow their own. Wasters also seem to get less exercise which can also contribute to being overweight and ill health. The wasters are also more likely to smoke cigarettes.

Smile with tongue out

The thriftiest of people spend less on entertainment and things like CD’s, music, DVD’s and entertainment systems. They also spend much less on alcohol and snack foods. Wasters eat more chocolate, no wonder they are overweight!

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Thrifty people tend to make a list before they go shopping in the supermarket but wasters just throw what they find appealing into their shopping trolley. Interestingly, I found that the thriftiest people also read labels more; not only checking the price per kilogram but also the ingredients.

Home and garden

Thrifty people spend less on their homes and are less inclined to try to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ and so are less likely to have an extension or conservatory. Thrifty people tend to have less possessions and even less pot plants! In the garden the more thrifty and will make their own compost, have  a water butt and try to grow useful things, like vegetables. They also spend more time in the garden than the wasters.

The car

The car is a means of transport to the thrifty; but a status symbol to the waster! Wasters are more concerned about how new the vehicle is and whether it’s fashionable, while the thrifty are more concerned with practical things like running costs. Thrifty people are more aware of maintenance costs, fuel costs, taxation and above all else, depreciation.


Wasters tend to pay interest on loans and credit cards while the thrifty try to earn interest on bonds, savings certificates and accounts and invest for a better future.

Thrifty people also tend to keep personal accounts, make lists and budget. If you are a waster or somewhere in between a waster and being thrifty maybe you can look at become more thrifty? The thrifty people tend to have far more money saved than the wasters!

Smile with tongue out

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4 responses

  1. Ian

    However, both type of people die. The thrifty ones leave wads of cash for the government to pilfer at 40% and give to their mates. So beware of not spending your money, but never waste it of course. You can spend money to enjoy life , or just be more comfortable, live in a nice neighbourhood for instance rather than a crummy place. That is how I have spent my money. But of course the Council then get a bigger share of your income because the Council Tax Band is G , my laqst house was D. If the looney libs have their way no doubt they would do me for a mansion tax. You wiil find it hard to win in this life.

    15, September 2011 at 4:48 pm

  2. Hi Ian,

    So true, we have to live for today and plan for tomorrow and hope tomorrow comes! I do enjoy what I do, even though it’s different to what others enjoy. I like my photography and classical music, not everyone’s taste! I hope for a holiday in this country next year; taking photos, I’m not a Spanish beach person. When I say hope to, money isn’t a problem but my health is still a bit of a problem; hopefully it will be good next summer.

    I wish they would put council tax on a local VAT, it does seem unfair. If councils got a cut of locally collected VAT they might encourage more enterprise. Most goods that have VAT on are imported so it might even do the balance of trade a bit of good too.

    Thanks for visiting and for the comment. 🙂

    15, September 2011 at 5:45 pm

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