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Frugal Food 2

Egg ‘n’ Chips

eggs and chips 005

You can’t get much more frugal than egg ‘n’ chips with veggies of course. Potatoes are a staple food, there is protein in the eggs (we need about 50g a day) and there is lots of vitamins, minerals and fibre in the veggies. It’s a well balanced meal and it looks good and so the kids probably won’t turn there noses up. I used oven chips which isn’t quite as frugal as frying chips from potatoes; but less messy.

Wheat Flour

The other food that is considered a staple food besides potatoes is bread, but to be more precise it’s flour. You can do a lot with bread and I mean more than sandwiches although sandwiches can be very nice. Try making home made soup and then dip in toasted soldiers of bread! You can dip in crusty bread too, that’s nice. The same applies to stews and casseroles, a little bread fills you up!

Club Sandwich

A club sandwich is a sort of double decker toasted sandwich. Toast three slices of bread and then put sliced turkey on the bottom slice and lettuce. Then another slice of toast, then on that slice, bacon and crispy lettuce. That is the traditional club sandwich but you can vary it, add tomato, fruity chutney, spring onions, or whatever you like! Get really creative and then make it look good! Place your club sandwich on a large plate, cut into four and fill your plate up with chips! The sandwich is made with cold ingredients as a filling, but a variation is to make it hot! You can fill it with hot bacon and fried tomato or maybe mushrooms? Be creative!


Poultry in the form of chicken and turkey is less expensive then red meat and much healthier. You can do lots with it. You could try a simple roast chicken, I like bacon draped over chicken to keep it moist. You can do chicken drumsticks wrapped in bacon in the oven and serve them up with home made barbecue sauce! If you cook a chicken, the left over carcase, bones and skin can be boiled with washed onion skins, some seasoning and a couple of litres of water to make a simple stock. The stock can then be a basis for home made soup or stew.


A favourite when I was a child, especially at Halloween or on Guy Fawkes night was a baked potato cut in half with a sausage in the middle. Yummy!

Smile with tongue out


Pancakes use the staple food flour and are easy to cook and always welcomed by children. You can find Delia Smith’s recipe here I wouldn’t use butter though; I would prefer to use sunflower oil to fry them. You can serve them with lemon juice and or even drizzle a little golden syrup over them.

You can find my first frugal food blog here and there are links to lots of other blogs on the Home Page. I might get me a turkey thigh joint  for Sunday lunch and then what’s left over I can mince and make a shepherds pie with…

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I’m hungry now….

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13 responses

  1. Dave

    So am I Mike! Wonderful pics. I can smell and taste your tea

    Best Wishes


    18, September 2011 at 5:53 pm

  2. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for visiting, I do like my food. I save a lot of money being Thrifty and frugal too! I worked out I save enough buying special offers and things to run my car! People tell me to eat steak, when I like egg and chips! I’m not a food snob! I did have pork today for Sunday lunch, but it was still inexpensive! It was delicious! 🙂

    18, September 2011 at 9:50 pm

  3. Im a big advocate of eggs! It’s a wonderful, cheap protein…love your frugal food posts..great minds think alike 😉

    22, September 2011 at 12:36 am

    • Hi, I have egg and chips about once a week and eat lots of chicken. They say eggs were the main food eaten by stone age people and so they are easy to digest because man has been eating them for thousands of years! In Medieval England people eat eggs and lots of birds like geese and ducks. 🙂

      22, September 2011 at 9:26 am

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