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A Monday ramble…

Great Bridge 001


I’m tired of rain and dull days, but now winter is fast approaching I have to think of some different camera settings to get decent photographs. This photograph is of the local lake or pool and the colours will begin to change now as leaves fall from the trees and we get more red and yellows in photographs. I’m not looking forward to winter but last years photographs of the snow were quite good.


I share my photographs by using them in blogs and I upload them to Facebook where they seem to be appreciated. I also have 25 Gb of space on Windows Live Skydrive and upload some to that. I like Windows Live programs, I’m using Live writer to write this. They are also free! I often share photographs using Windows live instant messenger. I can also use the voice over IP on that to chat to people; or use text. I’m not too keen on using the webcam but I suppose it’s there if I want to show someone something. I also use Windows Live Photo gallery for editing and it’s much quicker than Photoshop.


I use the internet all the time, to play games, do research and even get inspiration for my blogs. I looked for ‘odd news’ this morning but there was nothing that really inspired me. I use Google Chrome as a browser because it’s fast for research. I can highlight a word or phrase on a page and search for it very quickly. I just switched to my browser and checked the statistics on my blog; someone searched for sky and water photographs. They have plenty to choose from on my blog! I’m also streaming music while I write; Toccata and Fugue by Bach! I also check my email every once in a while.

Photography contest

The photography contest I entered should be judged today; I hope I win! The prize is an expensive camera, but having my photographs exhibited is just as important. They will exhibit the winning photographs in the foyer and outpatient areas of the hospital that I go to. The contest was organised by the ‘art coordinator’ and I think my entries were artistic.


I also have  a profile on LinkedIn and I’ve made some friends using that. I sometimes answer questions from other members. LinkedIn is a professional network and quite useful if you’re in business or a professional.


My Twitter followers occasionally read my blogs but not very often. I think I have to get used to Twitter and find out how to make best use of it. I use TweetDeck for Chrome and find it interesting to keep up with local and national news. I live close to Birmingham and I just clicked a link to a news story about 6 men there being arrested as suspected terrorists. It seems that this is a quite a fast way of getting links to the latest news. It seems the arrests were made late last night and a woman was arrested early this morning and so the news is fairly recent.

You can find links to other blogs on my Home Page.

4 responses

  1. Hi Mike, Best of luck with your contest! I really hope you win and that your beautiful pictures are displayed.

    As the days get darker there, you will not have many ideal hours to take your pictures. That must be quite a challenge!

    I am so glad we met through Linked In. I will have to find you on Facebook to see more of your photos!

    19, September 2011 at 5:50 pm

  2. Hi Carolyn

    I took some good pictures last winter, we have sunshine in winter! I did some that were very popular of the snow. The dark days are a problem because not enough light and snow can reflect too much! That is the subject of tomorrows Neodigital Art blog as i try to explain the effect of different apertures. I have some interesting pictures tomorrow that i took with a wide aperture to get a close depth of field.

    You can find me on Facebook with the link on the right side of the screen. There are over 600 pictures on Facebook

    19, September 2011 at 5:55 pm

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