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Neodigital Art | Update 24

Wide aperture


I’m getting technical this week because I switched my camera to A for aperture this week to take this shot. The depth of field was very short (the berries were close) and so I got the berries in focus and as a bonus I also got a spider’s web!

Aperture settings are in F stops and the wider the setting the more light that tends to be let in. The camera compensates for the wide aperture by making the shutter speed faster. I can set the aperture and then switch the manual (M) and set the shutter speed manually. The fast shutter speeds let in less light (darker picture) and a slower shutter speed will hopefully let in more light (lighter picture). F stops, go from F3.2 up to F8 on my camera. Just to confuse things, the smaller the number, the wider the aperture! I set the aperture at 3.2 for this shot for a short depth of field.

aperture 010

This is a similar photograph but I edited it to make the tree behind the spider’s web darker and the spider’s web more visible. You can see in both pictures the berries and spider’s web are in focus while the rest of the photo is out of focus.

mm 031

I like the muted colours in this photograph. The sky was overcast and so I didn’t get many good photographs. This again was with a wide aperture and I have the plants in the foreground in focus but the background is reasonable too. There is actually a river running through that field but it’s not very visible. The 18th century bridge is just visible on the other side of the field.

mm 035

This photograph was a sort of afterthought. I looked out the window of the car just as we were about to move on and thought it might make a good shot. This is with a narrow aperture because it’s a landscape with a deep depth of field. You can see the bridge in this shot, there are steps up to the top and the canal goes over that bridge. There was a horse in that field and last time I saw rabbits! Things tend to be a little mixed,  I was parked on the car park of a Mexican restaurant! Close by there’s another 18th century aqueduct, but also another restaurant, then over the road a  multi screen cinema and a casino. The lane is very narrow and leads to a very spooky cemetery!

Smile with tongue out

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7 responses

  1. So cool! My favorite shot is the color enhanced one with the berries and the spider web. That is truly amazing!!!!

    I need Photography 101 with apertures, so I don’t really understand your instructions this week, but I know I like the pictures!

    It’s funny the picture with the grasses, river and bridge is stunning and such a contrast to the photo above it, it made me yearn for the color. I just love the colored berries/web shot.

    I could even see that berries/web shot being the header for your new blog. It catches the eye and shows off your incredible talent!

    20, September 2011 at 2:15 pm

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    It is confusing figuring out apertures. I do low number for close up, high number for landscapes! That’s on the A setting, which is sort of semi automatic because the shutter speed is still automatic. I still have to practice with full manual but hope to get some mazing shots. I like muted colours now, I hope I can get the reds and yellows of Autumn. I checked out a snow picture from last winter on Facebook and I’m not looking forward to the cold but will do more pictures! 😛

    You can check out all the photos I have on Facebook now; they are public though and so anyone can click the link in the sidebar here and check them out.

    20, September 2011 at 2:31 pm

  3. Hi Mike!!

    I love your last photo…. the lines lead you eyes all the way up the aqueduct!!! Very well caught!!!
    & I like your first photo as well… I prefer deeper colours (as you would have probably realised!)… & the richness is just wonderful in this picture!!!

    Well done!! 🙂 **

    20, September 2011 at 6:55 pm

  4. Hi Xandra,

    I was trying to decide earlier which one was the best, but they are just all different. I looked at that scene and remembered rabbits running around and then decided to take the shot! I was sitting in the car and didn’t bothered getting out but that added to the photograph because I was lower down than usual. I’m 6ft 2inches tall and that shows in some photographs!

    20, September 2011 at 7:11 pm

  5. Great photo

    20, September 2011 at 7:36 pm

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