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Fixing the Global Economy!


Quantitative Easing

The Bank of England says it saved us from a double dip recession with quantitative easing, so why are things still stagnating? Have they really fixed anything or are they trying to inflate their way out of the problem of massive debts? We still appear to be suffering from higher prices, higher unemployment, higher energy and housing costs, crippling taxation and on top of that we have David Cameron running the country!

We need a radical, international  solution. We need something robust, radical, something never tried before!

Smile with tongue out

The Olympics

The Olympics is going to cost over £3 billion and up to £8 billion. £900 million will probably be paid by London Council tax payers. Is it worth it? Would London Council tax payers be better spending their money in the supermarket where it would benefit not only the supermarket but distributors and farmers? The people buying tickets could spend the money stimulating the economy, buying from British stores and making money for Tesco and Associated British Foods! You have to admit £8 billions is a lot of Tesco Value chicken…

The Olympics is the tip of a very big Iceberg (lettuce)…

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The radical and robust solution

We need to employ a radical and robust solution in 2012 and forget the Olympics, it’s a waste of space and money. We have to be brave and not just solve the problems but make the British economy the envy of the world. We have to lead the way and go where other nations fear to tread. We have to put aside personal feelings and if necessary make sacrifices for our country. We need to fix ‘broken Britain’ and leave a country fit for generations of young people to come. It is a time for patriotism; I know that sounds old fashioned but we haven’t tried it yet!

Smile with tongue out

The ultimate solution

It’s time to be brave, be British and think the unthinkable! We have to face reality and make 2012 a new dawn. Yes, we not only have to scrap the 2012 Olympics but all sport for 2012. I know, this is bloody radical but it has to be done. No more soccer sponsored by Barclay’s Bank, Barclay’s can sponsor something radical like children’s bank accounts. No more National Lottery cash going into sport in 2012! There will be no sport! There is be no Royal Ascot, let them spend their money in Asda and Lidl not on silly hats! There will be no Wimbledon, the tennis players will have to find another racket!

Smile with tongue out

Formula One

Imagine all the billions spent on Formula One being spent on research into more economical cars, we will have some amazing cars in the future. We could have 100 to the gallon as an average! Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button need some time off and a year off would suit them. Go enjoy yourselves in Monaco lads; you deserve it. The golfers can have a year off too, they only play around.

Smile with tongue out


I haven’t forgotten those over paid lads in shorts.They can take a year off too, they can afford it! I know they will miss the communal bathing,  hugs and intimate moments after they score a goal, but they can rest their injuries and come back refreshed and with less money in the bank. We could have concerts in soccer stadiums all through 2012; a little Bach at Birmingham City on a Saturday afternoon. Imagine it, culture coming to Birmingham after the dark ages of football.


This is a radical plan  and will require some determination. It will mean cancelling the Silverstone Grand Prix, the Grand National at Aintree, the Cup Final at Wembley and best of all the Olympics. Do those butch rugby players have the balls for this? Will the golfers stop paying around? Will the nation’s soccer players score a home goal or opt for a robust restitution of our nation’s economic status? I know sports like dart and snooker aren’t ‘proper’ sports; but they should be included too. Other nations need to take their cue from us and the snooker players are the ones to lead the way. I haven’t forgotten those forgotten sports like table tennis, tossing the caber, tiddlywinks, conkers,  egg and spoon races, sack races, hockey and last but not least cricket. I think the greyhounds could take a year off too, the sport is unlikely to go to the dogs in just one year. I’m really stumped as to what to say about cricket, but if they take a year off. Will anybody notice?

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5 responses

  1. Bren

    HaHa, funny as always Mike.
    U r right on global solutions though:
    Look at ‘Beggar thy neighbour devaluation’ in ur fave search tool.
    Belt Tightening only makes things worse.
    QE is not the answer.
    Capital spending is aprt of the solution and The FibConDems are waking up to it.
    Also have a read on The Second New Deal and post your conclusions.
    We might not put the world to rights, but we will have some interesting thoughts along the way.

    21, September 2011 at 6:29 pm

  2. Hi Bren,

    Glad you like it, I thought I might have overdone the puns! I think the cuts are making unemployment worse. The government doesn’t realise that change must be gradual and evolutionary. Sudden change always produces problems, we needed change to start a few years ago though!

    22, September 2011 at 9:57 am

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  4. Bren

    I like a bit of humour! Spot on with that bit about it all should have started some time ago..
    I have my own economic take on the whole thing…I will start my much promised blog one day with it, but its not time yet.
    Always enjoy ur thought provoking stuff.
    How do i send you a pic for your neodigital blog Pleez?

    22, September 2011 at 3:09 pm

    • Hi Bren,

      If you start a blog, choose WordPress, I blogged on Blogspot but WordPress is better. You can use Windows live writer and it’s easy then. My link to Facebook is in the side bar on the right and if you look at that my Yahoo email address is there. you can send me a picture by attaching it to an email and send it to that address. You can also use my user name at

      22, September 2011 at 3:18 pm

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