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Farmville | level 600

Farmville level 600

They changed Facebook and Farmville this week! The main change to Farmville was to offer cow pasture in exchange for dairies. This means the belted cow trick won’t work any more! Whoops!

I suspect that is was done specifically to stop us getting past level 1,000! I am not deterred, as you can see I still have dairies on my English farm and I have one on my Lighthouse Cove one too. I lost FV cash on the Lighthouse Cove and have been conned out of it twice this week, to add to that I bought a horse for FV cash by mistake! I did take the lead a couple of weeks ago by spending 400,000,000 coins and going up 40 levels in one day!

Smile with tongue out

If you’re not familiar with the dairy trick. I have over 60 belted cows in the picture and 39 more in the dairy. They are all ready to harvest and so I’ll use the move tool to move them one by one into the dairy and then harvest the whole dairy using the multitool. You do something very similar with horses moving them into the stables!

Smile with tongue out

Farmville isn’t very realistic now and many features are irritating, especially popups and having to click so many times. I find the silo is always full and it usually takes 80 clicks to empty it. The ‘quests’ are usually silly  and not worth doing and Zynga gears everything towards buying Farmville cash. It makes me more determined, not to buy FV cash!

Smile with tongue out

I have 150 belted cows in my gift box that were in my dairies, I wonder where I can put them? I might need to demolish a castle and store it in a cellar! For those people who like breeding sheep and pigs, you can now breed pretty cows… moooo! What next? Pink chickens?

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Smile with tongue out



8 responses

  1. (Ssshhhh, I’ve never played Farmville) 😉

    24, September 2011 at 5:44 pm

  2. You aren’t missing much! The top level when I started last year was level 70 and I’m now on level 605! There are about 40 million players and some read my blogs so I keep writing them! 🙂

    24, September 2011 at 6:18 pm

  3. Hi Mike, I put my farms on hold in June when my kids got out of school. I couldn’t write my blog and do the farm, so I waited until now to go back on my farm. But so much has changed over the summer I think I would be confused going back.

    I made one of your recipes last night – the chicken and bacon. Everyone loved it!

    I was thinking you should do a frugal cooking ebook. With all of your photography skills, recipes and helpful advice, your cookbook could be truly amazing!

    25, September 2011 at 2:00 am

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Farmville is very time consuming and they have made it over complicated. They do too much to try to sell FV cash! I’ve played for 90 minutes this morning and managed to harvest all three farms but it needs me to harvest again in 10 hours! Everything withered yesterday, I went out and took photos!

      I’m thinking about cooking and taking more photos of it, but I have a problem with my pancreas and so can’t eat everything. I’m also a celiac and so follow a gluten free diet. It makes it difficult when I can’t use flour and spices are difficult too. I’m cooking pork with apple sauce for lunch!

      I think an eBook about Neodigital Art might be better. I’m doing bricks and mortar this week. Photographs of buildings and bridges, I got some good ones yesterday of a canal and a bridge. I put them on Facebook and although I only went 2 miles away, I think people here will have difficulty recognising where the photographs are taken. 🙂

      25, September 2011 at 9:39 am

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  5. deborah mancini

    Hi Mike, I found it very interesting to find your blog, I was told the belted cows “secret” a couple of months ago and leapt from level 140 to my current 260 something, but stopped bothering with the harvesting when FV stopped giving the 1FV cash per level-up at level 250. How pathetic that such a small reward is withdrawn from the very people who’ve spent time and effort to learn the game! I personally help my 200+ neighbours everyday with gifts, etc, without players like us FV would be a poorer place. I would love to see a movement started by players over level 250 to get Zynga to change their policy on the $1 cash reward for a level-up. What do you think?

    7, November 2011 at 6:40 am

    • Hi Deborah,

      Yes, I made level 250 and they gave me a lot of FV cash and nothing since then! It would be difficult to get players to band together to get Farmville changed. I think neighbours being ‘friends’ on Facebook has been circumvented too with the new way of getting neighbours. I have lost count of how many neighbours I have and Zynga still wants more! I would like to see a lot of pop ups go and the game speeded up. I often have to click unnecessarily so the game takes up too much time. I have 3 farms now and although some friends do play all day, I don’t have the time! I would like to see FV cash and coins interchangeable too.

      The dairy trick has been removed now with the pasture; but I still have dairies on my English farm!

      Thanks for visiting, I’ll try to find new tricks to share! 🙂

      7, November 2011 at 8:48 am

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