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A Sunday ramble…


 I wanted the colours in this photograph to be more pastel, like a water colour. I might have overdone it. The water looks the wrong colour, that’s a canal on the right. I took this photograph yesterday, we have lots of canals and this one looked good, when I checked it out on Street view!

Smile with tongue out

I usually write my Sunday ramble while lunch is cooking, but it’s too early to cook lunch and I might take more photographs this afternoon. I’ll say hello to the latest subscriber to my blog; Kate. She walks her dog around the local parks and nature reserves in the Walsall area and takes photographs for her blog. There are lots of places to go, look at the one in the photograph. I saw a few people walking their dogs down the side of the canal there. One of the nicest nature walks in Walsall is down Beacon Way in Merrion Wood. You can get there by driving down the Birmingham road out of Walsall towards Great Barr and on the left is Skip Lane then there is a layby. I parked in the layby near the lodge and walked down to the sign for Beacon Way, the ‘enchanted woodland’ is off to the right there. It’s not easy to find but well worth any photographer looking for it!

Smile with tongue out

I’ll do a Neodigital Art blog a few days time and this week I’m doing bricks and mortar. I’ll do farm buildings at Sandwell Valley farm and a canal bridge. I have lots of pictures I can use this week, perhaps a picture of the canal too?


I like taking photographs of  buildings. I photographed the hospital and the remains of the Victorian workhouse that was the hospital for many years. I think the best buildings are the farm buildings and my local art gallery and museum is Victorian and so made for good pictures. The woodland and parks have provided many pictures now and we have lots of canals that I like to photograph. This isn’t the prettiest place to live, but attempts have been made to make it nicer after being a centre of heavy industry. Trees line the streets, the pathways in parks, the canals and the railway lines. I also look for water on the map and find pools, they aren’t really big enough to call them lakes but they usually have swans, geese and ducks and make for a good picture. The churches have made good subjects too and I try to take a photograph of interesting features or just a door now, rather than the whole church.


There are lots more blogs to read on the Home page and you can save a bit of money reading my thrifty and frugal blogs! The frugal blog this week was about free stuff. I might wander around somewhere free like a nature reserve this afternoon and take photographs. I might go thrifty too and get some bargains from Lidl. I found that when I drove the 2 miles to that canal to take the photograph at the top of the page, I passed Aldi, another discount supermarket. I’ll have to check out Aldi one of the days!

Smile with tongue out

I hope you have enjoyed todays ramble. I’m cooking soon; pork from Lidl, potatoes, broccoli and apple sauce made from apples from the garden; yummy…



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  2. I love walking beside canals. When I was a child our garden was bordered by one, It was derelict, but now restored. I love the associated history. Thanks forreminding me.

    26, September 2011 at 8:40 pm

    • Hi,

      We have lots of canals here and they make for good photographs. The history is fascinating with 19th century bridges and even earlier. I’ve even been up on top of aqueducts!

      27, September 2011 at 9:11 am

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