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A Monday morning ramble…

MM2 037


I took this photograph yesterday after I had gone thrifty shopping! My intention was to photograph the canal which I did but those photos are a little dark after the rain. I noticed some trees and bushes and set a wide aperture and got some interesting shots. I think this bush is a yew, it has strange flowers that are very sticky!


My shopping expedition was a success, the chicken drumsticks in Asda and most popular supermarkets are over £3 per kilogram. In Asda they are 2 packs (1Kg) for £7. I bought 4 packs for £8, which makes a saving of £6; quite a saving! I also had a lot of other bargains in Lidl! I usually buy beer 3 bottles for £5 but got 8 for £8 in Lidl saving another fiver! In total I saved over £20 and even got 5 litres of screen washer for my car. My only mistake was buying canned tomatoes that have onion and garlic flavour added; but I’ll try anything once!

Smile with tongue out


I like driving on a Sunday when  it’s quiet on the roads and I wasn’t too bothered about taking photographs, it was dull after the rain. I was looking forward to dinner now I had bacon to wrap around my chicken! It’s a good idea to put bacon on turkey too, it keeps it moist. I’ll get a turkey joint at Christmas, they had whole turkeys in Lidl! I like turkey warmed up in gravy and I make really nice gravy now with a Bovril cube and herbs d’ Provence! I often stir fry boiled rice but today I’ll be stir frying potato, it’s nice with bacon and eggs! Just take some left over boiled potato and stir fry it until it’s golden brown. You can fry it in the wok or in a pan. If you have left over white cabbage or other veggies, stir fry those too! Yummy…

Smile with tongue out

I got tomato puree in Lidl for 33p, add a little tomato puree to your stir fry’s and it brings out the flavours; you can add a little to soups too! A kilo of oven chips was 55p in Lidl and so really cheap. I taste tested them! They are Ok, but not as good as Asda’s own but at a 1/3rd of the price who cares. The best ones are McCain crinkle cut but you pays your money and takes your choice!

Smile with tongue out

The weather forecast was rain this morning, we have blue skies and sunshine. It is a little chilly though for September. I have seen a pool and what looks like a nature trail on Street view and so I might just go and take a look at it this afternoon. It is quite amazing the scenic places that you can find if you look around. One of my photographs I’m using for this week’s Neodigital Art blog of a canal down a street that leads no where, so I never go down there. I saw it on Street view! The pool and nature reserve is another mile on, I found that by looking to see where the canal went on Street view! You can check out Google maps here and see where I took photos on Saturday; use Street view and you can see the canal! There are more interesting blogs on the Home Page!




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