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Frugal Friday | Cooking

chicken, potato and cabbage

Waste not want not

I was reading how many billions of pounds people waste by throwing away food. The meal in the picture was made from left over boiled potato fried to golden brown and I added some veggies and a chicken drumstick. Very frugal, quick, easy and delicious. I wish I had browned that chicken drumstick a little more though…

Smile with tongue out


Five a day

I try to eat my five fruit and veggies a day. The bananas I had from Lidl and got 7 for 99p. The apples are from the tree in the garden. So far today I have had 2 apples, a banana and home made chicken and vegetable soup. 4 down and 1 to go! Growing you own veggies in the garden and having a couple of apple trees is very frugal! Try growing runner beans and making your own compost if you have a garden… Salad is easy to grow too…

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You can save a fortune if you know how to cook. I did pork with apple sauce on Sunday, very frugal! I got some bacon at a good price in Lidl and tinned tomatoes, so I couldn’t resist bacon, eggs and tinned tomatoes. Eggs are a very frugal food if you have the British lion eggs; it’s more expensive, if you want new laid, free range, organic eggs.

I cooked soup yesterday, I’ll do that recipe in another blog. One of the nurses who visited me today said it smelled delicious, it tasted delicious too! Toast bread to go with home made soup, delicious and filling. Shepherds pie is a good meal and cheap to make. I make them in foil trays I get out of Poundland. It’s easy, just put cooked minced lamb in the bottom, pour over a little gravy then a layer of mashed potato. You simply put them in the oven and cook until the top is golden brown and serve with veggies and gravy. Yummy…

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You can do loads of things with potatoes they are really versatile. I like baked potatoes and we used to fill the oven with potatoes and then fry sausages to go with them. Cut the baked potato in half and put a sausage in the middle like a hot dog…  Great on Halloween or Bon Fire night… Yummy…

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If you copy food manufacturers and use cheap meat and veggie protein, you can make your own ‘processed’ foods. Add lentils to soups and casseroles, like split peas that have been soaked over night. Manufacturers and fast food outlets use poultry a lot and do chicken nuggets and chips, burgers get a very thin slice of cheese added and a lot of salad to make them look more. Presentation is important when preparing food especially for children. Make a meal colourful and they are more likely to eat it all. Do unusual things, like add prawn cocktail crisps to a salad or oven chips. Prawns aren’t very frugal but I like a prawn salad occasionally and that’s nice with prawn cocktail crisps. Yummy…

Smile with tongue out

There are links to more blogs on the home page, if reading this has made you feel hungry be sure to eat before you go shopping; hungry shoppers spend more in the supermarket!



12 responses

  1. Dave Hinchcliffe

    Hi Mike,
    I love your Frugal Friday cooking posts.
    A financial miscalculation in a previous life has forced me into extreme frugality. I am not complaining, I don’t sign on and I do not work in a traditional sense.I left the financial rat-race. I manage ok on a food spend of £8.00 per week. . Apart from other normal household expenses I use the rest of my income to reduce a debt (only 8 years left). I live on porridge, fresh vegatables (some homegrown), fresh fruit, fresh fish (caught or bartered), homemade bread, homemade baking, pasta, brown rice, barley, split peas, split lentils. I obtain spices from friends visiting Turkey. Meat is a rare treat. I make my own sauces. I never buy packet or frozen, haunt supermarkets and traditional markets at closing time. I admit that most people cannot adopt my way but for a now single person, who is still proud to stand on his own two feet, it can be done.

    Besr Wishes

    30, September 2011 at 2:16 pm

    • Hi Dave,

      That sounds really thrifty and frugal. I could do it though. A 10p egg for breakfast and allow 55p each for lunch and dinner. I can cook a meal for 55p. My chicken drumsticks from Lidl were only 20p each. Egg and chips once a week is great and well under 55p . Frozen veggies are OK if you can’t grow your own. I made Tuscan soup yesterday, I’m not really sure if I like it. It’s OK but I made it vegetarian! I really like my chicken! Having apple trees is great now; I eat a few every day.

      Thanks for the visit I hope you’ll come back. I post thrifty blogs on Thursday and Frugal on Friday with Frugal Food blogs in between.

      30, September 2011 at 3:59 pm

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