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A Sunday Ramble…

Is it really autumn?

MM 3 028

I see autumn colours but the weather has been like it’s summer! 


Now for a music video!

Smile with tongue out

That song is catchy, but it could drive you nuts… The song is Gullia – Oops J’aime pas l’anglais. Now you know…

Smile with tongue out

I don’t know what to write now, lets have another video –

Smile with tongue out

That was another unusual song from Paloma Faith called Upside Down. That song has been used in a television commercial in the UK.

Smile with tongue out

The weather in the UK is still warm but cloudier today. It would appear that the Indian summer will last a little longer and we can save on heating bills. Every little helps…

Smile with tongue out

I usually go out after lunch on a Sunday and we take photographs or I go bargain hunting in Lidl. I put today’s photo on Facebook and people clicked ‘like’ on it. I edited some photographs from last winter yesterday, I’m trying for more subtle colours now. I entered a photographic contest and having seen the entries, I think I have a chance of winning. I’ll get different photos now as the autumn colours become more prominent. I will have to allow for poorer light though. I saw some photographs that were  really good but shot on a long exposure; I would need to use my tripod for that. It’s worth trying…

Smile with tongue out

I hope you have enjoyed today’s blog, it took long enough to write!

This week I’ve done a blog every day. I have done Neodigital Art, a thrifty blog, a frugal blog and a frugal food blog! I also wrote a blog on Monday and a blog about peer to peer lending!


8 responses

  1. michellemarr

    Looking forward to seeing your pictures with the autumn colors! Great tunes…although I didn’t understand a word of the first one. lol

    3, October 2011 at 1:18 am

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for the visit, hope you are feeling better. The colours are changing but the weather is more like summer. I think we will take more photographs today while the light is so good.

    These songs are different! The first one is about not liking (learning) English! 🙂

    3, October 2011 at 12:28 pm

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