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Neodigital Art | Update 26

PIX 2 006

The Moon

You might remember the super full moon in March this year; this is my photograph of it! It goes well against the black background!

PIX 2 048

The lake

This was the lake back  then, in March and spring was arriving, but still no leaves on the trees.


This is the same lake yesterday and we have a lot more leaves on the trees but the colours of Autumn are beginning to show.


Narrow boats

I had to take this photo through the link in chain linked fence! It is of narrow boats and people live in those.  They were growing food in containers at the side of the canal and it looked like they used logs for heating.


I took this photograph on Saturday. It seems popular, yet I don’t think it’s that good! It got a few ‘likes’ on Facebook and I pay attention to what other people like. It was into the sun and so difficult to take, I moved under the tree to shade the camera from the sun.


No one ‘liked’ this one on Facebook but I like the depth and the way the sun shines through the leaves  on the tree. There were some roadwork’s near the bridge in the distance so I could go across to the other side. I would have liked to compare recent pictures to those I took in March.

Someone asked why I call this Neodigital Art. I want to manipulate photographs and try to make them more artistic. I have seen some photo shopped pictures this week and I thought they were unnatural. One in particular had the sky made blue; but I prefer to do things that are more subtle. I am trying to create art and the other reason is if you enter photography into a search engine, you get millions of websites; Neodigital Art finds my stuff!

There are more blogs on the Home page. If you click the link to my Facebook page the video I made yesterday is on there and open to public viewing.

Smile with tongue out

9 responses

  1. The super moon looks stunning. It was quite a sight in march.

    4, October 2011 at 4:29 pm

    • Hi,

      Thanks for visiting. the super moon was hard to photograph though. I looked at you blog. It would be better with photographs just in landscape; I have used portrait and it doesn’t look so good. i try to do mine widescreen too now.

      4, October 2011 at 4:57 pm

  2. well i am an immature photographer at the moment, but yeah landscape is better than potrait. I will keep that in mind. Thanks.

    4, October 2011 at 5:00 pm

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  7. The moon looks very nice. Great shot!

    7, November 2011 at 9:13 am

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