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Thrifty Thursday 15


I like chicken and chips, but sometimes I like fish for a change. It is a little expensive, but after having a lot of frugal meals like egg and chips I can have what I want!

The meal in the photograph was sardines from a tin, oily fish is very good for you. It’s a false economy to to try to save money at the expense of healthy eating; getting sick costs so much more.

I didn’t go to Lidl this week, I stocked up well last week. I had a few things from Asda and we went in Morrison’s on the way home from taking photographs. Morrison’s seems really expensive after Lidl but they have a lot of fresh fish and a great variety. After telling my friend I fancied octopus, I decided on kippers! I tend to keep bills (to compare prices) but I haven’t kept the Morrison’s one. The kippers worked out around a pound each, which doesn’t break the bank and I enjoyed them! Chicken livers were £2.40 a kilo and I had about 400 grams for a pound and so they will give me a couple of meals. They were nice too, perhaps they wouldn’t suit everyone. I fried some left over boiled potato until golden brown, fried the chicken liver and had that with lots of veggies… Yummy….

The bananas were more expensive than Lidl but I need to keep up my 5 a day fruit and veg!


Tesco have  a lot of offers on but not enough to tempt me. It would cost me a £1 in petrol to go there. The multiple offers aren’t suitable for people living alone.  2 iceberg lettuces for £1 is great but a lettuce lasts me a month! The only offer I found tempting was the McCain oven chips (£1.11/Kg) they do taste better than own brand ones. The ones in Lidl were about 50p a Kg but not as nice; but they’re alright.

Walkers crisps at most supermarkets are on offer if you have the multipack. In Morrison’s they are 2 packs for £2.50 but I had 4 packs for £4 in Asda. They are 2 for £2.50 or 4 for £4.50 in Tesco; Asda wins! If you buy one pack of crisps at Asda they are £1.48; 2 packs for £2 and so a big saving!

Chicken wings are nice and less than £2 a kilo at Tesco and Asda. If you want them cooked and spicy or barbecue flavour be prepared to pay over £8 a kilo!

All the supermarkets are now stocking things for Halloween, like pumpkins. You can carve you own pumpkin and put a light inside! I got a bright LED torch from Poundland, that would do it! Halloween food like warming soup, baked potatoes with sausages, chestnuts  and other seasonal goodies will be welcomed by children. Think about them in advance and buy ingredients at a good price.

Smile with tongue out

I have a found a supplier that supplies restaurants and take-ways but is also open to the public. Independent suppliers like these can be a good place for bargains. I saw large bags of onions, 25 Kg bags of potatoes for £5 and everything was discounted for quantity. Buying 25Kg of potatoes would last for a long time for me but some things I can buy in bulk for the freezer; canned foods, jars and bottles all keep.


It might seem early to be thinking about Christmas but Christmas shopping is expensive and there are crowds. You can start buying presents and cards and spread the cost over a few months. I’ll buy drinks for Christmas too. I’ll need more canned goods so I can stock my cupboards up ready, it all helps keep the shopping down at Christmas. I like turkey but can’t eat a whole one so I’ll probably have  a turkey thigh joint. I’m not very traditional so it will probably be turkey and chips! If you are thrifty all through the year and have saved money, you can afford a few luxuries at Christmas. I’ll have guests and do a buffet and anyone drops in there will be food and drinks through Christmas. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and I don’t have to cater for children this Christmas. Some pre- Christmas planning is essential if you have to buy for children or it costs a fortune. I will pay a visit to Poundland before Christmas, they will have stock in like Christmas cards.

Smile with tongue out
You can usually find the best bargains on leaflets, I just checked out this week’s leaflet from Farmfoods and I’m not tempted. There are money off coupons though… You can find more blogs on the Home Page. Frugal Friday tomorrow!

8 responses

  1. Dave Hinchcliffe

    Hi Mike,
    Another great post. You are so right “sick does cost so much more”. I eat lots of fish. Tinned sardines and mackerel are fine. I just make sure I avoid the tomato sauce varieties. Being frugal does allow us to spend wisely elsewhere. Re bananas unless I get them late on (passed closing time) at a market stall I tend to use Tesco market value at £1.15 a throw. I had 13 greenish last time which ripened nicely over the following week.

    Best Wishes

    7, October 2011 at 11:36 am

    • Hi Dave,

      Bananas are good and cheap at Lidl. Our market used to be great, but not so good now. I used to have all my chicken from the market. I mix some fish sometimes, expensive with cheap! i really like prawns but too expensive so mix with with tinned tuna from Poundland! 13 bananas for £1.15 is good. I had 7 for about 90p at Lidl. Oily fish is good for you and I try to eat it occasionally. I’ve just paid car tax at £215 so I need to be frugal! 🙂

      7, October 2011 at 3:20 pm

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