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How to make your first million 3

Money - Seeing the future

I was about to start writing this and I checked what I wrote last time.  I wrote ‘You never achieve something unless you set out to achieve it, you don’t become a millionaire by accident, even lottery winners have to buy a ticket!’ Then I remembered the £100 million jackpot on the Euromillions and bought a ticket!

Smile with tongue out

My blog isn’t doing quite so well now. The plan was to do this one for about a year and then assess how well it was doing. If it was doing good then start a self hosted website with WordPress on. I could make money through affiliates, sponsors and advertising.  I won’t though, I have another plan! Sometimes, you have to think outside of the box, think laterally. Sometimes you have to think about potential. Traders who trade pork bellies on the futures markets have probably never seen a pork belly but they trade on the future price, the future value. So if I can start a self hosted blog and get lots of subscribers and readers it could have future value. Whether that future value would exceed a million, I don’t know; but a website sold for well over 30 million not so long ago! If I have the potential for lots of income for advertising, affiliates and sponsors; I don’t have to actually have them, just the potential.

Smile with tongue out

Are you getting the idea of potential?


It’s never that easy is it? I am learning to take better photographs and improving my writing and getting more subjects that I can blog about. I am taking small steps in the right direction. What if I fail? I don’t need the money, but at least I try to achieve something. I am trying to innovate and  create something. There are other ways to create potential value. Some people produce art, some people renovate property; even investing in yourself or your education could one day make you a million. Education might also help you to find the right idea to develop, we do need inspiration just to get an idea of what we want to do. Then you need confidence and to believe in yourself. Money of course allows you buy all you need. I have all I need though and so I would like a million so I can buy all that I want; there is a difference! Everything I want, costs a lot of money!

Smile with tongue out

If you want success, you have to believe in yourself; you have to be confident. You also have to know what you’re doing, you need education and experience. I think culture also helps define success, if you are familiar with art and good music then you belong in a more cultured world and can take advantage of that. I find some people have lots of confidence but little common sense, this isn’t a good thing! These days you need a million to buy a decent house and so for some people a million would be just the start! I don’t think it’s a good idea to get too greedy and to gradually build success. You also have to recognise what success is, it’s no good being rich and miserable!

Please comment below if you have ideas or views about what success is or if you want to make your first million!

Smile with tongue out

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4 responses

  1. Well, I’m on my way to my first million.

    However, I don’t expect to get there.

    I’m not sure I want it enough.

    I want to continue enjoying what I do. I’m prepared to take risks, but I know that the business in which I am is limited. I’ve found a niche market – but the niche is very small.

    I’m quite happy to settle for ‘enough’ and contentment.

    If that’s a ‘cop out’ answer, sorry…….

    Oh, and I knew about the Euro millions, but chose not to buy one. I’ve never bought a lottery ticket – just think how much I’ve saved, LOL 😉

    8, October 2011 at 4:48 pm

    • Yes, I’m happy with what I have but today I wanted more to help a friend and so I’m not being greedy. I just want to win the lottery tonight! I only buy the odd Euromillions lottery ticket but have a ticket for Lotto tonight. It would be nice to help people in need if I win. I’ll carry on blogging… 😛

      8, October 2011 at 5:00 pm

  2. It’s an interesting question, “What is success?” I imagine the answer may be different for different people. I think a lot of us have a false concept of what success might mean, and what it might feel like. What I mean is that we tend to look at success on a grand scale, rather than seeing the detail. Actually being a success is probably more about really living life to the full and fulfilling our potential in every moment, rather than having a fixed vision of what we would like our lives to be, that we can either achieve or fail at. I like to think of the small victories. Getting up at a good time, looking after myself, not making too much of a mess of the environment, possibly even contributing something worthwhile in terms of art or music, not eating or drinking too much, being kind to strangers, being a good friend… Don’t get me wrong, money is a powerful currency and I think it is a genuine way of measuring success. I’m just not sure that it always comes from the direction we expect. Sounds to me like your attitude of learning and improving yourself is a sign that you area already a success. Small steps, like you say. And believing in yourself , being your own best friend. Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche says “How you feel about yourself is how you are to others.” This helped me so much!

    13, October 2011 at 12:16 pm

    • Hi Annalie,

      Thanks for taking the time to write a great comment. I think success for me is being contented and keeping moving forward in very small steps. I have helped some students this week, planned a holiday a little for next year, done some shopping, taken photographs, I think I’m recognising potential and taking steps towards what I think is my own potential. I know there are some things we can’t change or do much about. With me it’s health but I have made significant progress and my health has improved. 🙂

      13, October 2011 at 2:20 pm

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