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Thrifty Thursday 16

Panoramic 2


My bargain of the week must be the program that took lots of images and put them all together to make the panoramic picture above because it was free!

Smile with tongue out

I shall write more about making panoramic pictures in my Neodigital Art blog next week.

Smile with tongue out


I also went to Lidl again this week and although I had to rush around a little, I picked up a few bargains. The bananas were cheaper at 55p  kilo. I also had 4 pork chops for £1.75. The chicken drumsticks were back to the normal price of £2.25 a kilo and they seem to have less meat on now. I found there as 13 in a pack, usually there are about 10. This compared to Asda where they are fatter and meatier so you get just 8 to a pack. I had fresh broccoli for 49p and a pack of bacon for 99p. I messed up again with tinned tomatoes, the ingredients are in loads of languages! There are peppers and things in the can, last time it was onions and garlic! I also bought deodorant and that seemed expensive but it’s expensive everywhere. I only use it occasionally and so I choose a good brand.


I also went to an Asda (Walmart) superstore. I’ve never seen escalators that you can take your shopping trolley on before! My bargain there was a kilo of carrots for 50p! I also wanted a leather belt and that was good for £4.00. I also found shoes for £25, not the best quality but I need some with some grip on the soles before I end up slipping into a lake or canal!  I also bought 480 teabags just because they keep going up in price and buying a bulk pack seemed like an investment. They should last me until Christmas. I am seeing lots of tins of chocolates both in Lidl and Asda, I don’t eat them but my guests at Christmas will. I also want to stock up on other goodies for Christmas and it’s worth thinking about Christmas presents early. Shops advertise bargains, but are they really bargains? Did they put the price up in November and then do 2 for the price of 1 for Christmas. You can pick up bargains now especially on drinks.

Smile with tongue out

I have been quite thrifty and frugal for a few years now and so I have some savings bringing in interest and long term investments that are looking good, that makes life a little easier. If you have saved some money, you can afford to spend a little on things that matter. I’ll spend more on Christmas and I’m planning a holiday. I want to do a few things on this holiday and although being thrifty and frugal is now a habit, I can afford to do things I don’t normally do while on holiday. I intend to take photographs, do some driving, go to the races and see a play at the theatre; I am not going to lie on a beach; way too boring…

Smile with tongue out

There are more blogs on my home page. I will do more blogs and one coming soon will be a frugal food blog  with a recipe for carrot soup; yummy…

I will also cover panoramic photography next week and explain how to get a free program to merge a few photographs into an amazing panorama!


6 responses

  1. Hello Mike,

    As an ex-“investment guy” I really love your blog. I get excited thinking about ways to cut cost. I’m convinced that there is a huge difference between being cheap and being frugal. You highlight this in every post. Too bad I’m in the states and not in neck of the woods or I would follow your footsteps to the best deals in town. Have a great day! As always, I’m glad I stopped by.

    14, October 2011 at 2:56 pm

    • Hi Jermaine,

      Thanks for visiting. The stores are different here but I’m sure there are similar in most places in the US. I try to encourage thrifty and frugal living wherever people are. I got my carrots at Walmart and made soup!

      14, October 2011 at 7:58 pm

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