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Frugal Friday | Bartering



Bartering goods or skills is really frugal. I have done all kinds of things from writing CV’s for people to house wiring.

You can also exchange goods like DVD’s with family and friends. This can done with  a formal agreement or you can just help others and accept help when you need it. My neighbour has just got a few things from the supermarket and if she needs anything she can ask. I meant to give her apples from my apple trees again, but I forgot! It is important to remember to give if you want to receive!

Smile with tongue out

Incidentally, the picture is the street where I live. I put my camera on a tripod yesterday and panned to get a panoramic photograph. I have joined a new group for people who barter professional skills, I haven’t bartered anything yet but I can barter my writing skills, photography and other skills with people anywhere in the world using the internet. I hope to barter if I have problems setting up a website for the skills I need.

I use Windows Live to talk to people directly over the internet, either using text or I can use speech or even the webcam. I mainly use text because people have trouble understanding my accent and dialect. I do chat to people around the world though. So far today I have spoken to someone in China and someone in California! My friends on Facebook are truly international!

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If you want to share large files over the internet you can upload them to Windows Live Skydrive which gives you 25 Gb of free space. I share music and photographs like that. You can also share photographs on Facebook and videos up to 1 Gb. If you want to send someone a file, you can attach it to an email but that doesn’t work for large file like a video. You can send some large files using Pando, which is like email but the message is short and the attachment is up to 1 Gb. If you send a Pando message to someone who doesn’t have Pando, they get a email with a link to Pando. You can also put a link to a large file on a website, on Facebook or even in a blog like this for people to download from Pando! When I start a new blog, I could let people download an eBook; a copy of one of the novels that I have written perhaps?

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Just about any skill can be exchanged but you can also use your skills to produce something that is of use to others. You can make something like jewellery, beer, wine, greetings cards, whatever… You can also grow fruit, herbs or vegetables to barter for what you need. Even flowers can be bartered effectively! You can of course sell what you produce but people tend to like the idea of bartering what they have. You can even barter a ride in your car for something that you need. People need to be driven to hospital and other places and you can barter a ride to hospital for home grown vegetables… You just have to think about what others have that you need and what you have that others might need!

Smile with tongue out

If you can cook, you can exchange that skill for something you need. Cook cakes or pies, most people like home cooked food. Even though we might be frugal we all like to be decadent sometimes and have a little luxury. If you can cook something quite decadent for people, they will see it as quite a treat and will be likely to reciprocate! Maybe you could barter a small banquet for something you need?

Smile with tongue out

I hope you liked this blog, there are more on the Home Page. Don’t forget yesterday’s Thrifty Thursday blog!

8 responses

  1. Great suggestions. How true, when you give you receive. I think things were much simpler in the days when you just traded things. Sure you didn’t have fancy cars and huge houses, but you had friendships, family and lots of love!

    15, October 2011 at 6:31 pm

  2. Hi Angela,

    Thanks for visiting. We often crave a simpler life. I try to keep life as simple as I can. I’ve been ill and so I think I appreciate it more now. I find it relaxing to be in touch with nature too. Growing you own food is great!

    15, October 2011 at 7:00 pm

  3. I love the idea of bartering! Actually, we live in an older neighborhood and we don’t necessarily barter services, but we share all our equipment like snowblowers, tractors, etc. with each other. We just began having a Neighborhood Night Out two years ago, and that has really helped to promote some community spirit. I really miss the old days with the local grocery store, drug store, hardware store, etc. where everyone knew your name and you didn’t just rush in and rush out–you actually took time to chat and get to know your local merchants. Great blog and I’ll be back!!

    15, October 2011 at 11:25 pm

  4. HI Sandra,

    Thanks for visiting. I miss that sense of community. I talk to people thousands of miles away using the internet but rarely talk to my neighbours. There is no common ground any more. I volunteered at a community project last year but that closed down. All the pubs have closed nearly too!

    16, October 2011 at 8:23 am

  5. I especially like a system that encourages people to find that good or service they have to contribute and exchange it for the goods and services they need to live. What a simple and just world it would be if everyone honored a basic “free market” system like that.

    23, October 2011 at 12:27 pm

    • Hi,

      Yes, they wouldn’t be able to cheat us by printing money! Bartering isn’t so easy if the goods you produce are very expensive. If you make tractors and need to barter for food, for example. But as a alternative it’s very good.

      Thanks for visiting my blog.

      23, October 2011 at 12:34 pm

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