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Another Sunday Ramble


I took this photograph of the town I live in this week. I was hoping for a proper panoramic picture but it didn’t turn out as planned. You can see the churches and the windmill in this picture though! I usually write my Sunday blog while lunch is cooking but it’s too early to cook lunch and I have no idea what to write about!

Smile with tongue out

There was this photographer who decides to go to China and travel; it’s really cheap to travel around China by bus and train. He takes photographs of traditional Chinese buildings, boats and people. He photographs the Great Wall and the terracotta soldiers in the temple. After a while he starts to run short of money and goes in an internet cafe to send his photographs back to his agent in  the United States . Then gets a email from his agent saying he can’t sell the photographs and can he send a news story complete with photographs. For  a news story, you have to be in the right place at the right time. He needed a contact in the police or something, but he didn’t  know anyone and besides, his Chinese wasn’t that good. Then he overheard a conversation about a monk in Tibet, they called him the wisest man in the world! Now that could make a story, he thought. He decided to travel by train to Tibet and interview the monk and get photographs.

He spent nearly a whole day travelling by train to Tibet, then walked miles to the monastery to interview the monk and take his photographs. He got his interview and he photographed the monk, the other monks and the whole monastery. Then he had an idea, this was the wisest man in the world; he could ask him how to make some money quickly! So he told the monk a little about himself and asked him how he could make money quickly.

Smile with tongue out

The monk said, “Sell camera…”

Smile with tongue out

There are more blogs on the Home page, most of them are much better than this one! There is also my last Sunday ramble complete with videos. 

Smile with tongue out


6 responses

  1. LOL, good idea! Like the panorama, I feel I should know it. There’s something about the windmill that’s familiar.

    16, October 2011 at 3:46 pm

    • I think all windmills look alike and they are usually sited high where they catch the wind. I was told that one pumps water for a fountain, I’m not sure if it does. The scene is where I live in t heart of England. I live a few hundred yards from the churches.

      17, October 2011 at 9:28 am

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