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Protests | Is capitalism finished?

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The Manor House in my picture looks nice lit up at night. It is run as a museum by the local council but they want to restore it at a cost of a million pounds! They will use all locally sourced materials of course and get in experts to make sure it’s done right; but is it right to spend our money on one building? The experts and economists always seem to know best but people around the world on Saturday protested against the corporate greed and their puppet politicians.

 I saw a mansion that was also a ‘listed’ building and owned by a Lord that has been restored, with a million pound grant; is it right that we tax payers subsidise the rich?

The CEO’s of British banks all have huge salaries and then on top bonuses and not satisfied with that they want millionaire pensions; the total cost is often up to ten million pounds. Is it right that they should get all that, when some people who are disabled struggle to buy food and pay the rent? Many of these banks are now effectively owned by the tax payer!

British companies are expected to pay out over 60 billion pounds in dividends to shareholders this year; will you get your share? This is money being paid out to the rich and dividends have been increasing, the profits to increase them come from us the consumer.

The protests on Saturday against this greed took place in 82 countries. The protestors want proper democracy, a fairer society, less corruption and greed. I am not advocating communism but we certainly don’t have democracy in the United Kingdom. The last election showed how undemocratic the voting system is and alternatives put forward were rejected. It seems even the very people who become politicians are wholly unsuitable for the job! It would appear that not only the voting system needs to be reformed but the political parties too. We seem to need a leader that will inspire some loyalty to the country so that people at all levels of society will put the country first. It appears now that many are putting themselves first. We have seen corruption at the highest level with people sneaking in the back door of 10 Downing street. We have seen top police officers being wined and dined by a corrupt press. This is the tip of the iceberg and there are even more dirty secrets in the boardrooms of Britain’s top companies. People have had enough and are seeing their savings diminish as the Bank of England prints even more money and distributes it to the bankers.

The world is waking up and finding the capitalist system with it’s fiat money is a sham. Children can see that the emperor’s new clothes don’t really exist; money doesn’t have ‘real’ value anymore. They say save for your old age but as the value of money diminishes you find you don’t have enough to live on in old age; unless you have a multi million  pension pot like the top bankers. They are even trying to cut pensions for thousands of government workers around the world. That is the workers at the bottom of the pile, not the ones the ones at the top.

Please comment and let me know what’s happening in your country and how it’s affecting you. There are more blogs on the Home Page.

2 responses

  1. Capitalism doesn’t work, but neither does communism, as we have seen in the past. Is there an answer? Maybe it’s too late for a state one 😦

    18, October 2011 at 10:32 am

    • I think the main thing that undermines both capitalism and communism is the fiat money system. There is also greed in both systems. We could start with a proper monetary system underpinned with diverse assets combined with democracy and see where it goes!

      18, October 2011 at 10:42 am

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