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Thrifty Thursday 17

MM 3 023

We are into Autumn now and the colours of nature are changing; it’s getting cold! It was just 3C this morning and so decidedly chilly. Public buildings in the UK usually put heating on at the beginning of October but I was trying to delay until we change the clocks from British summer time back to GMT. I have insulation and draught proofing. I will probably save some energy by not getting up so early too! My contract ends this month with my energy supplier and so I can try to get a switch to a better tariff.


I have a choice of supermarkets that I can use. I have Asda and Morrison’s about  1 mile away and Lidl and Aldi are 1.7 miles; with Tesco the farthest at 1.9 miles. I have been going to different supermarkets each week to stock up on bargains. Last weekend it was the turn of Aldi and I got a few bargains making the trip worthwhile. Aldi is good for fruit and vegetables like Lidl and very good for flowers. I had broccoli (55p) and an iceberg lettuce (49p). I got locally brewed bottled beer for £1 (500ml) which was good. 15 eggs for £1.25 was the same as Asda (WalMart). My luxury buy was prawns (2.99) but although I’m thrifty and frugal I enjoy my food! Prawn salad with the iceberg lettuce on Sunday! My other luxury this week was a joint of pork from Asda. I’m not sure if they still have them, that was on Tuesday and it was only £3.00 a kilo. My joint cost £5.00 and I cut it in half. I have had three meals from it and it was nice!

Smile with tongue out

Premier Foods supplies supermarkets with a lot of branded products like Bachelor’s soups. They had a disagreement with Tesco earlier in the year and Tesco stopped stocking their products. Premier foods wanted to increase prices to meet rising raw materials costs. It seems the disagreement is resolved because Tesco are now stocking the products and many are on special offer. Hovis bread is 2 for £2.00. Bachelors soups are 74p or 5 for £2.00. That is a massive difference if you buy in quantity. It’s just 40p a can if you buy 5 cans! I make my own soups and rarely buy processed foods. You can however use soup as a cook in sauce or a pour over sauce. You can use a can of soup as a base for homemade soup if you don’t have any stock too. If you get cheap vegetables or have grown you own add them to a can of soup and you have a nourishing meal! I think root vegetables like carrots and swede that are in season now are best for that. I also add a Bovril cube if I’m cooking French Onion soup, that saves you using stock. I think Bovril cubes are really useful and I drink Bovril to aid sleep. The big advantage with many processed foods is that you can stock up on them and fill your food cupboard and so I buy canned tomatoes, canned vegetables and canned fruit.


I am paying more attention to petrol prices. I paid 129.9p at Morrison’s after checking out the price at Total, it was 139.9 there. The price has changed now and the difference is only 4p but it all mounts up! I also collect Morrison’s points for a fiver off shopping! My local Morrison’s petrol station is close to the M6 motorway though and so there is often a queue. I like Morrison’s for their range of fish and it’s also good quality; the other prices aren’t so competitive.

I think this week, I’ll be going to Lidl again and I must stock up on some things. I often do a frugal meal like egg and chips, but I’ll get a few packs of bacon this week.. Bacon and eggs is traditional and still a very frugal and nourishing meal. I like canned tomatoes with bacon and eggs. Lidl is good for fruit and vegetables so I’ll check out those; especially bananas! I’m still eating apples from my two apple trees, but like a change. I must get my 5 fruit and vegetables a day!


Writing these blogs makes me hungry and there is still some time before lunch, this is when we tend to snack. Snacks on the shopping list can be expensive and also fattening! I will admit to eating a bag of crisps and a chicken drumstick while watching a film in  bed last night! I get multi-packs of crisps, 2 for £2.00 from Asda. My supper cost 35p because I got the chicken drumsticks 10 for £2.00 from Lidl. My snack this morning while I wait for lunch was a couple of apples, one from each tree! If you want to stay healthy and stay a healthy weight, consider fruit especially bananas for snacking in between meals.

Smile with tongue out

I hope you have found this blog helpful, I will be writing a frugal blog tomorrow! Do a cheap meal like egg and chips for one meal and the next meal can then be something nice like roast pork or a prawn salad. I will have pork for lunch and a prawn salad for dinner on Sunday; yummy…. More blogs are on the Home Page. Please comment if you have something to say or a question or even a thrifty tip!

Stop Press: Pork lion steaks at Lidl this weekend £1.64 a pack (Saturday and Sunday)

6 responses

  1. Lol, I’m glad writing your blogs makes you hungry, Mike, because reading your blogs makes me hungry!

    I had an idea for your blog. Perhaps you could do a recipe topic on Thursday or Friday to suggest some weekend meals for us? You could tie it into the bargains that you find at the local shops that week. I always enjoy your recipes!

    Great photo today! Did you alter that one?

    20, October 2011 at 12:48 pm

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I have blogs for 4 days a week now and frugal food blogs every time I cook something different. I could do those on a Saturday! I’ll have to think of something. I’m doing roast pork for lunch and prawn salad for dinner on Sunday; not very frugal but I enjoy my food.

      This photo was altered slightly, more warm to bring out the Autumn colours, a little more contrast which darkens it and so a little more brightness to compensate. I think I have my style now for photography, nice subtle colours.

      20, October 2011 at 1:00 pm

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