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A Sunday Ramble

PARK 016

Brunswick Park

I took this photograph in Brunswick Park, yesterday afternoon. It’s still a nice park despite the alterations over the years. I like the colours in this photograph as the leaves on the trees change to Autumn colours.  You can find out more about Brunswick park and Wednesbury on Wikipedia.

I shall probably go out taking more photographs today. As usual with my Sunday ramble, I’m writing this and cooking lunch at the same time. The aroma filling my kitchen is a nice aroma of pork, veggies and apple sauce. People want to know what I eat; they’re interested!

Smile with tongue out

The news today is of Dopey Cameron and Conservative MP’s who are revolting; I thought they were always revolting! They want a referendum on membership of the Europe Community again. Considering the economy is in a mess, we have a clueless government and incompetence at the Bank of England; I would be inclined to leave things alone for now! I think it’s unlikely that Dopey has ever had an original thought in his life. The same of stuff comes out, it’s the fault of the EU. It’s all those skivers on benefits, so lets cut benefits. We can’t even blame the reds under the bed anymore and the yellow peril are making our smart phones and television sets. We have record rents now in the private housing sector, record food prices, mind boggling electricity and gas prices. Petrol prices are 30% up on a couple of years ago. That computer model of the economy at the Bank of England must really be something. I suppose the only way out now is to print money and devalue the currency, that will mean prices will go up yet again. I wonder where all the money that is printed goes? I suspect energy companies and banks are stock pilling it; oil companies appear to be cash rich too. Buy to let landlords are doing well out of it; but how will higher interest rates affect them? It’s not a risk I would like to take.

Sad smile

We British are always concerned about the weather of course. It was sunny but cold yesterday and today it’s warmer but cloudy, not quite so good for taking photographs. I think it’s about 18C now so we can’t complain; it’s certainly not cold.

Smile with tongue out

I am still doing my thrifty and frugal blogs; we all need to save money. I think I’ll go to Lidl this afternoon; the pork I had for lunch was nice so I could stock up again! I’m getting into bacon and eggs just lately too. The pork is on special offer this weekend and so I might buy 2 packs and some bacon! I also find the fruit and vegetables are reasonable there too. I still have lots of brambly apples on my tree and they need picking! I need things for a salad, because I think I’ll have a prawn salad for dinner. I fancy salad and chips actually!  The weather and food, things people can relate to!

Smile with tongue out

That’s my ramble for today, there are more blogs on the Home Page. Please comment and let me know what you think of this blog. Interesting or boring?



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