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Thrifty Thursday 18


People do say that I eat too much chicken, but I like chicken! I get asked what else I have eaten and I do have a variety. I ate cornflakes and soya milk for breakfast followed by an egg, pork for lunch with potatoes and vegetables, chicken and chips with veggies for dinner and then made do with a chicken drumstick and prawn cocktail crisps for supper. I also ate a few apples and a banana. I got a lot of vitamins, minerals and tryptophan from the chicken, then lots of fructose to help me absorb the tryptophan!

Smile with tongue out

I get 15 eggs for £1.25 at Asda and last week I had 15 for the same price from Aldi. Egg and chips is a good meal if you have fruit with it or veggies. A nourishing meal for less than 50p allows you to go gourmet on Sunday! I went to Lidl this week and the pork medallions were £2.99 for 3. I had pork for Sunday lunch with apple sauce, potatoes and broccoli. I had more broccoli from Lidl too, their fruit and veggies are reasonable. Bananas were 52p a kilo and they make a healthy snack between meals.

Wolverhampton 094

This was afternoon tea on Sunday. The prawns were from Aldi (£2.99) and the iceberg lettuce (49p),  6 tomatoes (69p) from Lidl and potatoes. I would normally use new potatoes but I didn’t have any, so  microwaved a few left over from Sunday lunch! The brown stuff is Branston pickle,  the smooth one! I also put a little chopped apple on… Yummy!

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The drink in the glass was cider, 2 litres for £1.95 at Lidl. I had whole legs of chicken from Lidl for £2.00 a kilo. That is 4 legs and is a reasonable price.


I know this picture isn’t very good; but it is a frugal meal! I had the bacon from LIdl, twin pack (£2.49). I fried some left over potato until golden brown, then fried the bacon and eggs with a tomato. Yummy! You can use canned tomato, but I had one that looked a bit dodgy so used that rather than waste it. That’s another yummy meal for less than 50p!

Smile with tongue out

My real thriftiness this week was a phone call to Scottish Power to ask if they had  a cheaper tariff than the ‘online energy saver 11’ they put me on. Guess what? They did! Spooky! They changed me to ‘online energy saver 16’.

                        saver 11       saver 16


First 225 KWH – 21.558p       19.38p

The rest           –  10.664p        9.587p


First 670KWH 7.541p              6.779p

The rest           3.457p               3.108

Energy saver 11 is 3% below their standard tariff, but online energy saver 16 is 11.9% below their standard tariff and is guaranteed to stay 11.9% below until 1st January 2013. That should save me a few quid. If in doubt – haggle!

Incidentally, I don’t check online prices and quote off websites. These are real prices and the photographs above are my real meals! Yummy!

Smile with tongue out

Do you have a thrifty or frugal tip or idea? Please comment and share it! There are more blogs on the Home Page.


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