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Frugal Friday | All Change!

Wolverhampton 049

Fall back

Yes, it’s that time again; the bi-annual stupidity of altering our clocks. On Sunday, you put them back an hour if you live in the UK. Things are even dafter in Europe, but I won’t go there. It will be darker and spookier on Monday; just as well it’s Halloween!

Smile with tongue out

It was a little dark last Sunday when I was out taking photographs. We went to that pool that you see in the picture and a few other places. I have got some decent photographs of Forge Mill Farm. That’s free and open to the public and there is a walk along the side of the lake and there is also Swan pool near by. There are lots of free places to go if you think about it. It makes it a little more interesting if you take a camera!

Hobbies and interests.

Photography is a frugal interest now with digital cameras and the ability to share photographs online. My link in the sidebar to my Facebook page has disappeared but if you want to see my shared photos on Facebook then click here.

The top frugal interests are gardening; grow your own fruit, veggies and flowers. DIY is also a top frugal interest; do your own decorating and repairs. There are others though, even shopping can be a frugal interest! Learning to do anything, like bookkeeping, car repairs, car valeting or hair styling will save you money. You can learn a skill at evening classes! I think one of the most frugal skills is cooking and it’s easy to learn, you start off simple with basic meals like chicken, oven chips and veggies and then you can work your way up to the more exotic cuisine like stir fries!


Learning to haggle can be quite useful. If you read yesterday’s thrifty blog, you will know I phoned my energy supplier and got switched to a cheaper tariff. I have a lot of insulation and so on Saturday or Sunday I can set the timer on my central heating to GMT and switch on! I hope it will remain relatively mild for a while, but it is cold in the evenings and early morning. I do have a button to press to put it on for an hour only and I have used that in the evenings before I take a very quick shower and on the colder mornings. Hopefully, I can get through the winter  without paying even more on my direct debit for gas and electricity. I’m also setting a budget for petrol, I’ve been using too much! I read that you shouldn’t run you car on cold mornings because it supposedly wastes fuel. It wastes fuel to accelerate with the automatic choke out in mine and so I do run it for a while. It also warms the heater up and demists the windows and so it’s safer. I do lock it with my spare keys though! I don’t want it stolen while I’m away from it! I also have it serviced at the same time as the MOT (annual safety test) in November so it stays reliable through the winter. I have a few things in the back in case of problems, a booster in case of flat battery, cloths for misted up windows, screen washer and de-icer. I need to get a fold up shovel for the snow!


COOK 3 004

I thought I would include this picture just to make you hungry; it worked on me! That is very frugal; chicken and oven chips cooked in the oven, then add lettuce and veggies. That is nice with Heinz salad cream! Yummy!

Don’t forget yesterday’s Thrifty Thursday blog! There are even more on the Home Page.



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