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A Sunday Ramble

Wolverhampton 006

Forge Mill Lake, Sandwell Valley.

Daylight Saving

We go back to GMT today in the UK with the end of British Summer Time. The silly people want  to go to Euro-time and stay an hour ahead in winter and 2 hours ahead in summer. For God’s sake, you cannot save daylight! If you want more daylight get up early! Stupid people!

Smile with tongue out


I have a wheelie bin for recycling and a bin for garbage and I should have a bin for garden waste. They are going to change it now. A wheelie bin with green top for garden waste, a wheelie bin with blue top for recycling, a bin for organic stuff like like peelings, a slop bucket for peeling and stuff that goes in the kitchen. It seem simple enough. Now which bin does the tea bags go in? I think the same one as the peelings. Which bin does the empty aerosol go in? Is that recyclable? They can explode if exposed to heat. I don’t want my empty deodorant aerosol blowing up the recycling plant…

Smile with tongue out

There are markings on the empty deodorant aerosol. A picture of a man taking a shower using Lynx shower gel, a picture of a man squirting Lynx deodorant under his arms and this is followed by a = sign and a woman in a bikini. I wonder what it all means?

Smile with tongue out

As usual on a Sunday, I’ll be cooking lunch soon. Pork, apple sauce, potatoes, broccoli and maybe a dessert. I think I’ll venture out to take photographs again after lunch. I have an idea and want to photograph some buildings.

It was the big switch on today, I switched on the central heating. I set it to come on a 8.15 I intended to get up after it had come on. Of course, I turned the clock back last night and so if I got up at the same time I would still have an extra hour in bed. I was awake at 7 and up at 8am; it was a bit chilly. The stupid people have a lot to answer for. If I stay in bed until 9am and leave the heating set to come on at 8:15 I can get up to a warm house and save money on bills! I think…

Smile with tongue out

It was a strange week. We have a light rail system here; the Metro. I photographed the Metro last summer and am fairly familiar with it having crossed the track a few times. It runs mainly where the railway used to run; but in the city it runs on the road! This is seriously spooky! I drove close to the city and my tyres were getting caught in the Metro lines and it was even spookier when I saw a train on the other side of the road! Someone told me to be careful crossing the lines; crossing them! I was following them!

Smile with tongue out

I am now 8 hours ahead of my friends in China, 8 hours behind California, 6 hours behind Florida, 6 hours behind my friends in Canada and I think it’s 6 hours for Texas too. This will all change soon as the USA and Canada also give up trying to save daylight for another year. The Chinese aren’t so stupid and leave their bloody clocks alone. Can you imagine the chaos if a few billion people all altered their clocks, watches, heating systems, computer systems and varied their bowel movements times twice a year?

Smile with tongue out

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Smile with tongue out

 STOP PRESS: the Russians are staying on Summer Time. In parts of Russia it won’t get light until nearly lunchtime in December! You can’t make it up can you! 

2 responses

  1. Mark W

    Really ? Getting up earlier will give me more daylight ? Already leaving for work in the dark and coming home in the dark at this time of year ! Being on BST permanently would definitely give me more after work daylight – about 40 extra days a year where I see daylight in my leisure time …

    1, November 2011 at 12:51 pm

  2. Hi Mark,

    I think there is a case if it gives kids one trip to or from school in the daylight; but other than that it’s a nuisance. I worked underground once and didn’t see daylight for months and so I sympathise. 🙂

    1, November 2011 at 2:26 pm

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