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Thrifty Thursday | Every little helps

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It’s true, every little saving does mount up. A couple of pence off the the cost of a litre of petrol or a few pence of the cost of a kilogram of chicken; whatever, it all mounts up. I’ve been getting petrol from Morrison’s and I have a card to collect points; 5,000 gets me £5.00 I’m told.

I’m not impressed with Morrison’s latest offer though. You spend £40 (or more) every week in Morrison’s and save your till receipts in a ‘collector card’. You need 6 receipts to collect a £25 voucher off your Christmas shopping. If you buy some things for Christmas over the next 6 weeks like the tins of chocolate they have on offer for £4.99, you might just do it. I think the offer discriminates against single people especially the elderly, so I don’t like it. I also suspect that prices will go up to pay for it.

Sad smile


I am never impressed with Tesco. They have some huge turkeys they say are half price, but most of the good offers are multi buy offers; check them out online before you go, here.


Asda has those tins of chocolates that Morrison’s have on offer but they are £4.00; 99p cheaper than Morrison’s. Like Tesco there are lot’s of multi buy offers. I like Lynx deodorant and the gift sets are 2 for £8.00; that’s a welcome present for men. Now you know what to buy me! Find those here.  You can find the rollbacks here. I want a dozen Carling black label for my guests at Christmas.


Lidl have carrots for 29p a kilo this weekend! I think I could be making carrot soup again! The baking potatoes are 69p a kilo, they go down well at a firework party. Chicken legs are £1.89 a kilo this week, down from £1.99 so if I’m passing I’ll get some of those. The bargains at Lidl can be found here. The Carlsberg Export are £8.29 for 15 (£2.01 per litre) those might be worth considering because they are small 275ml bottles. Offers vary from store to store at Lidl so it’s a good idea to look at the website and enter your  post code.


Aldi tends to be good for fruit, veg and flowers. They have 2.5Kg of baking potatoes for 69p, those are ideal for Guy Fawkes night. You can find other bargains here.

Smile with tongue out

If you are thrifty you can save money in a lot of different ways. I paid my car insurance for the year rather than pay an extra 10% to pay monthly. I have no debts and so don’t pay interest on debt but collect interest on my investments. I have been told to ‘live for today’ but I’m benefiting from being thrifty and frugal in the past. If you are thrifty for a year or two, you tend to benefit for decades afterwards. There are more blogs on my Home Page.


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