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Gourmet Food | Icelandic Prawn Salad


Icelandic prawns

Yes, it’s Icelandic prawn salad to make your mouth water yet again. I featured this in yesterday’s blog and then went out and bought more ingredients and had it for dinner! I had to cheat slightly, those prawns are in fact Norwegian! They were 65p from Lidl, so my whole gourmet meal cost less than a £1.00.

Smile with tongue out

I used Iceberg lettuce, cut a tomato up fancy (have to make it look good), added a little chopped apple, then the Icelandic prawns (caught just off Norway) and finally the crinkle cut oven chips. I know, one of the chips is a bit dark on the end but they tasted fine; just didn’t make for a great photo! This meal is great if you want to lose weight too; just lose the chips. I had a large can of new potatoes from Lidl for 20p and you could cut the calories by adding a few of those instead of the chips. You could, of course, add another lettuce leaf instead of the chips and get the calories right down.

Smile with tongue out

That brown stuff on the lettuce is my favourite pickle, yes, Branston pickle; the smooth one too! I also got a squeezy thingy of Heinz salad cream, that’s yummy as well.

I think I’ll do more gourmet, haute cuisine blogs and hopefully they will be as frugal as this one. The ingredients are quite easy to get. No need to go to Outer Mongolia or the Himalayas for exotic ingredients.

I suppose I should recommend a half decent wine to go with this meal. They only have Italian wine on the Lidl leaflet. It’s quite strong at 12 and 13%; that’s probably so you can’t taste it. I think I saw a Chardonnay in Lidl, that would wash it down well. I would choose the £1.95 (2L) cider from Lidl; personally. If you don’t fancy prawns you can always open a tin of salmon or if you’re posh there is black Capelin Caviar in Lidl (100g) for £1.49.

Smile with tongue out

Who else would suggest a black caviar salad costing less than two quid?

Smile with tongue out

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5 responses

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  2. Yummy! A gourmet meal for less than a pound! This makes me hungry just looking at it. I love prawns and all the other ingredients so you’ve inspired me for my meal. Thanks!

    14, November 2011 at 9:08 pm

  3. Hi Carolyn,

    Glad you like it. I now select the chips carefully making sure they are all the same size. That way one doesn’t burn and go too dark for the photograph!

    15, November 2011 at 8:53 am

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