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Neodigital Art | Buildings

Manor 036

I had to go to the hospital one day and when I parked the car I spotted this building, partly demolished and buttressed. I think it makes for an interesting picture. I’ve edited it several times trying to make it look better, I like this version.

Manor 041

The hospital is fairly new and I took this photograph of it with a few leaves in the foreground to give the picture a little depth. The hospital Art coordinator has organised a photographic contest and this is one of the photographs that I’ve entered. If I should win, I get an exhibition of my pictures in the foyer and patient areas of the hospital and a nice camera!

Wednesbury town hall and art gallery

This is the Town hall and Art Gallery. I took a lot of shots of this but it was hard to get a good one. The angle gives it some depth. The art gallery and museum is a historic building and quite imposing; typically Victorian.

Forge Mill Farm Shop

This is the Farm shop at Forge Mill Farm. That woman seems determined to stand in the shot and I didn’t have patience to wait for her to leave! If I was going to enter another photographic contest this photo would be one I would consider using. You do need permission from people in the shot though! The picture has good colours, depth and patterns. Patterns in a photograph often make it more interesting. I also like that cart, it gives the picture a more period look.

Forge Mill Farm

This is Forge Mill Farm again and even though these buildings aren’t that pretty, it still makes for an interesting picture. You can see how white and grey the sky was that day; a good time to photograph buildings rather than nature.

What do think? Do you like Victorian buildings or modern buildings?

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9 responses

  1. I love that you caught the leaves in the second picture. I never would have thought of including them but you’re right, they give perspective to the picture.

    Well done!

    14, November 2011 at 9:06 pm

  2. I was lucky that those leaves were there. I was looking to give the photograph depth and considered a shot with more of an angle. then I spotted that tree and just managed to get those leaves in the shot.

    15, November 2011 at 8:55 am

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