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Farmville | Goods and Crafts

Lighthouse Cove


I have a winery on my Home farm and a bakery; on the Lighthouse Cove one a restaurant and on the English Countryside a pub! I am stocking up on goods and converting them into fuel and as you see I have over 19,000 lots of fuel now. I think Zynga might make it harder to get fuel and so I keep stocking up. They introduced the pasture for cows to replace the dairies and I have one on my Home Farm but kept the dairies on Lighthouse Cove and the English farm.

I get maybe 15 million coins each day from those. I’m on level 654 and have 688 million coins!  I have a train on Lighthouse Cove! I know, I get bored sometimes and breeding pretty sheep doesn’t appeal to me.

I mostly make red wine which after level 100 sells for 10,900 coins. I only have 10 lots left for sale but I am trying to get other wines up to level 100. I plant white grapes in the morning and harvest in the evening, but was late this morning so planted blackberries that need to be harvested in 4 hours. I intend to go shopping later and so some of those could wither. Timing is important at Farmville. I also tend to plant barley and hops on the English farm so they grow over 10 and 12 hours and match my home farm crops. Today the crop on my English farm also grows over 4 hours to match the blackberries.

The Craftshop

I thought the craftshop was useless but I need farmhands to harvest a couple of hundred belted cows on my home farm and arborists to harvest trees. I also make things to sell like the mechanical scarecrow gets a good price. I also got my engine for my train the the craftshop! You can also make vehicle parts which is useful, shame there are no steel beams or pipes. I need pipes!

Smile with tongue out

Farmville is really all about money and Zynga do their best to persuade us to buy FV cash; which I refuse to do. If we had game cards in the UK and the game was more realistic then maybe we would buy them. I would like FV cash and coins to be interchangeable like real coins and notes. 1,000 coins to 1 FV cash would be good. I would also like the game to be more realistic, so we buy fuel instead of trading goods for it. I could improve the game a lot. Breeding animals for sale would be better than breeding them just because they are cute!

Do you have ideas for making Farmville better? How about 1 FV cash for levelling up even after level 250? How about a new 100,000,000 coin mansion or Stately Home? There are more blogs that you might like on my Home Page.

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3 responses

  1. Ewa

    Hi Mike
    I noticed your comment about producing farmhands and arborists from goods. You can get them also when working on horse stable. If there is no stallion in, you do not get foals but only help with farming and xp. You have then plenty. Hope it helps. The craft shop is truly time consuming.
    I read your blog for the last year and it helped me a lot.Thanks. Ewa

    14, November 2011 at 5:13 am

    • Hi Ewa,

      Thanks I got rid of a lot of my horses because I was short of room. I should use them more. You are right about the craft shop it is time consuming and the trading post I have given up on!

      I knew someone named Ewa from Poland on My Year Book. I gave up on that too! 🙂

      14, November 2011 at 8:46 am

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