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Sunday Ramble | economics



In the great Book of Life, answers cannot be found in the back. As keen as you are to get to the bottom of something or find a solution, you appear to have little option other than to let a situation unfold further before you can apply your Aquarian way of thinking to it. The fact you must play a waiting game could be the cause of current frustration. Relax and let an answer come to you instead of the other way round.

That‘s my horoscope and it seems fairly accurate. I do seem to be waiting for things to happen and I might as well relax and be patient; life is like that sometimes. Things are happening, I have got into the final of the photography contest but have to be patient now and wait to see who wins. I will be happy just seeing my photograph on display. If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that I bought shares in Premier Foods at the end of October. This week they came to an agreement with bankers and one of their director’s bought more shares and the share price went up 91% over the week. The other investment I made was Lloyd’s banking group and they clawed back losses on Friday and gained over 6%. There is still some turmoil in the Eurozone and so I expect Lloyd’s might do better when firm agreements are reached. Things went badly this week when credit reference agency Standard and Poor said they might downgrade France’s credit rating; they later revealed that was a mistake. I wonder how many more mistakes the credit reference agencies have made? I will have to wait and see but in the meantime will  continue to monitor shares and if I buy will write more investment blogs; stay tuned! I have also put some more money into peer to peer lending with Zopa.

I hope to take more photographs this weekend too. It seems unusually warm for November and we now have Autumn colour everywhere. I think the woodland that I photographed in the summer might look even better now. Incidentally the photograph above was my attempt at night photography. It’s a bridge of the River Tame and is lit up by a street night. I used a 1 second exposure and stopped breathing!

Smile with tongue out

Christmas gets closer and I’m buying Christmas cards and food for guests. It’s a little early for some food but I can get things in tins and jars. I might buy crackers this year (I saw them cheap in Lidl) and I’ll sort out my Christmas LED lights in a couple of weeks. Christmas Day is on a Saturday and I think it always seems to last longer when it’s on a weekend. I shall stock up on all sorts of things and keep a stock of stuff in for when it snows. I bought rock salt this week for the snow and ice; buy one and get one half price. The two bags are still in the car, they’re too heavy to get out. I have to put some in a bucket or container and I’ll give my neighbour some too. I shall probably do a little driving on snow this year, I used to be good at driving on snow and i have a better car now. In fact, I learnt to drive on snow, including skid control!

I’ve been researching a blog into economics and doing research for this weeks’ thrifty blog. I’m also thinking of adding a poll to a blog, I haven’t done one before. I have over 1,000 photographs to use in the Neodigital Art blogs but would like some more Autumn photographs for this week’s blog. I did my first Gourmet blog this week. I’ll do more of those, maybe a crab and prawn salad? Yummy. I bought some crab meat yesterday. I suppose I could do a blog about how to cook a Christmas lunch for one! I think I’ll get a turkey thigh joint and cook roast potatoes and veggies with that. I might even cook soup and do a dessert. I like fruit for dessert and soup should be something light; like a consommé.

Smile with tongue out

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8 responses

  1. Dave Hinchcliffe

    keep up the good work. I am at distance from my family. Even though I am classed as a big boy – big boys do cry! Xmas though is lost on me. I am not religious but respect other peoples views. The commercial hype of Xmas and the New Year kills me. We still haven’t scientifically got an accurate calender. We don’t know when it is! Does it really matter? Perhaps not. Come December 19th (my birthday) I would like to sleep till its all over. I can’t stand the falseness. Xmas now is one of my cheaper months. Major rule – buy in January 2012.


    14, November 2011 at 5:55 pm

    • Hi Dave,

      I don’t have many guests and Christmas is the only time this year so I make an effort. It’s not my favourite time of year either. II’ll put my fairy lights up but no tree! I am considering joining Lovefilm for December so I have something to watch at Christmas when the TV is crap. I can watch some video on my TV through a flash drive and I’m going to check the format, I might be able to download films and watch on TV! I think there will be bargains in January, but sales are on all year round now. I might cover Christmas food in my thrifty blog on Thursday. I got some bargains in Poundland! 🙂

      14, November 2011 at 6:06 pm

  2. Dave Hinchcliffe

    You are a good bloke. I’m off now. Lights out, warmer in bed. Radio 4 Extra, Radio 4, World Service – sleep!

    Best Wishes

    14, November 2011 at 6:14 pm

  3. Congratulations on your investments, Mike and for being a finalist in the photography contest! I’m certain you will win, that is, unless the judges are crazy!

    I will try to catch up on your other marvelous posts.

    14, November 2011 at 9:04 pm

    • Hi Carolyn,

      The investments dropped back a little yesterday but they are long term anyway! The Art coordinator who organised the contest is checking out the rest of my photographs on Facebook. She organises a lot of exhibitions so who knows where it might lead. My Neodigital Art blog will be published in 30 minutes, this week I have compared summer and autumn pictures.

      Thanks for the visit, I’ll look at your latest post later.

      15, November 2011 at 8:29 am

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