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Neodigital Art | Summer and Autumn

Bilston Canal

This is my summer photograph taken in a poor light but it was daytime. The trees have leaves and are green and even the colour of the water is different from the Autumn photograph below. This photo was taken on the 24th September and so Autumn had just begun; to be more accurate!


The sun was setting when I took this one and it’s now Autumn. It’s the same place but it looks very different. The angle of the shot is different too. The colours are obviously different.


This is another summer (August) picture. This is the one that is in the final of the photographic contest. The light wasn’t good after the rain, but the sun came out and was shining through the trees. In the picture below there was more sunlight, but it’s an Autumn picture and the fallen leaves make a difference too.


It’s virtually the same shot but there are leaves on the water. The light is different too and the first shot is much better. It is still interesting but not quite as enchanted as the summer photograph.


The sun is quite low in the sky all day long now and I was shooting into the sun for this photo. The photo was too dark and I have to make it lighter in editing. It’s the locks on the canal and most of the time you are better shooting away from the sun, but this seems to work.

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