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Thrifty Thursday | Poundland


eggs and chips 001

I’ve started with an egg ‘n’ chips picture because it’s a thrifty and frugal meal. I used oven chips or it could have been even more frugal. But it’s still a meal costing less than 50p. I went to Poundland last week and picked up a few bargains. It will probably be Lidl on Sunday.

I bought pink salmon, flaked crabmeat and Tuna which will be useful for my gourmet salads. I  also got reporters style notebooks 4 for £1.00 and some smaller ones for shopping lists 9 for £1. Paper plates for Christmas will be handy and will the 200g Ibuprofen they were 3 packs of 16 for £1.00. I had Bells muscle rub because I had an aching muscle, it’s good stuff it really does work! It works on joints too, it stopped my dodgy knee hurting.

I’ll take a look in Lidl on Sunday. I want more of those prawns for 65p for a tub. I will of course buy chicken. I made a chicken casserole with 6 drumsticks, 2 potatoes, a few carrots and a couple of teaspoons of herbs d’Provence. I had 5 soup bowls, it was yummy and didn’t last long! The fruit and vegetables are always worth looking at in Lidl. It’s getting closer to Christmas and so I’ll look at Christmas stuff. I might treat my guests and buy crackers this year! They have 400g of Quality Street chocolates in Asda for £3.00. I’ll see how much they are in Lidl. I don’t eat chocolate but my guests will. I’m thrifty and frugal all through the year but I will buy whatever my guests might eat or drink.

I’ll write about my Christmas buffet closer to Christmas and I will take photographs this year! I’ll do chicken drumsticks, prawns, salad, cheese, nibbles and chips! I’ll check out drinks at Lidl too but might do better for drinks at Aldi; they had local beer for £1.00 for 500 ml.

If you are thrifty and frugal you can still enjoy Christmas. I won’t buy a whole turkey but I shall still have a turkey thigh joint. I saw something on TV about 4 birds in one at Aldi; I shall investigate!

Smile with tongue out

The Carling Black label is 20 (440ml) cans for £10 at Asda, I must get some for Christmas; although maybe 20 is too many. Aldi is quite good for drinks too. 12 (440ml) cans of Carling is £8.00 in Asda; that makes the 20 pack an even better offer. It pays to check prices!

Smile with tongue out

If you have spotted a bargain that may not be obvious to everyone, do please comment. Other thrifty and frugal ideas are also welcome. Any ideas for thrifty gifts for Christmas? Whatever you do don’t put Christmas on your credit card!

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