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Frugal Friday | Preparing for Christmas

Money - Seeing the future

If you planning to put Christmas on your credit card, you will probably regret it in January. There’s no reason to stop being frugal, just because it’s Christmas! I checked out the new Lidl website and they have lots of goodies for Christmas. A 4Kg turkey costs £10; but I fancy that duck leg! There is also prawns to do a delicious gourmet salad with; they even have caviar! You can check Lidl Christmas stuff out here.

I had a little tub of prawns last time I went to Lidl for 65p and did my gourmet salad with those; yummy. The carrots are still cheap again this weekend and I made a nice chicken casserole with some drumsticks, carrots and potato.

It’s expensive when you’re not well and so from Poundland stock up on Ibuprofen and paracetamol; I also had Bell’s Healthcare Muscle Rub; it works! It’s worth buying a few things and keeping them in the first aid box ready for Christmas hangovers and indigestion.

I’ve seen LED Christmas lights on special offer at a lot of places and I have a set I’ve used for years. They take very little electricity and give my house a festive look and they are cheaper than a lot of other decorations. I don’t have a Christmas tree they take up too much space; great for kids though.

I’ve just been told about cans of Coke on offer at Morrison’s and I’ve forgot the price already! I think it’s 8 X 330ml cans for £2.00. They are worth having for Christmas. I usually buy a 2 litre bottle, but most of it is left after Christmas. Aldi also has lots on offer for Christmas at low prices on Sunday, including Christmas trees. Check them out here.  There’s a lambs wool sweater at Aldi for £14.99 that looks quite good.

Have you spotted a bargain or have a frugal idea? Please, share it by making a comment. If you have a conservatory or greenhouse you could be growing new potatoes for your Christmas lunch, strangely enough with the relatively mild weather I have some growing in my garden. If you would like lots of spring flowers check out bulbs in Poundland and plant now. If you take flowers to a cemetery on a regular basis, growing daffodils in spring can save a few pounds.

Remember, be thrifty and frugal for a month and benefit for a year. Be thrifty and frugal for a year and you will benefit for decades.

Smile with tongue out


13 responses

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  2. I was just finalizing my Christmas list last night and had to downsize some of my gifts.. I will be sending some friends cards instead of gifts. And I asked my sister (from the Philippines) to buy for me some gift items when she visited Singapore. It’s way cheaper to buy stuff in the Philippines than here. That gave me much savings. =)

    22, November 2011 at 1:08 am

    • Hi Viviene,

      I think everyone around the world is economising this year. I tend to buy for children and not for adults and that saves me money!

      Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

      22, November 2011 at 9:05 am

  3. Hello, old man!

    My apologies for my absence – I’ve been very busy of late. I am working day and night trying to finish a 5 year degree program in 12 months, and it is leaving me little time to much else.

    I’ve had a bit of good fortune; during my spare minutes (which about all I have), I’ve started writing stories from my life experience. 9 have been published, and the latest won a Gold Medal award as well as $50 (not sure how that would exchange)!

    I’ve also been recycling some older posts from the blog, which are also being published quite frequently.

    All in all life has been quite rewarding, and I’m highly thankful and appreciative.

    Isn’t it a shame Shari’s class has been cancelled?!?

    Well my old friend Mike, just wanted to take a moment and wish you well and my very best. Our Thanksgiving holiday is tomorrow, but I will be “in class,” so for me it’s just another day. Take care of yourself, and may everything you undertake be a success!

    23, November 2011 at 11:43 am

    • Hi Greg,

      I’m glad things are going so well. It is a shame about Shari’s class, but i think she has been pre-occupied. I’m still trying to improve my writing and photography. i know many writers and some photographers who think they don;t need to improve; they are mediocre! They will never be great because they think they already are! I’m hoping to win a photo contest to get a new camera, I’m in the final. I also plan on a new website/blog if I can think of a good name for it! We have to keep trying, you’re a long time dead!

      23, November 2011 at 12:42 pm

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